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mission statement

The mission of this web is to provide a resource that provides information about Latin dancing, entertainment, news, medical, social, cultural, and other information that pertains to the Latino/Hispanic communities of Pennsylvania (mostly concentrated on the Philadelphia, PA. area), South Jersey, and Delaware.  As an added service, resources from a national perspective and Puerto Rico are included.

From a Latino perspective, the late 1990's were the years that the Latino influence reached mainstream proportions (Latino or Hispanic stuff became hip).  With the advent of a few movies where the fun of Latin dancing were highlighted; the advent of mainstream nightclubs playing the music that we as Latinos have enjoyed for generations; the recordings and live performances of artists such as Marc Anthony and Tito Puente; the acceptance of Latinos by the Grammies; and the acceptance of our style of dancing and music by individuals that are trend setters; have brought to the masses something that has been lacking - a new way to communicate, meet people, and (above all) have fun.

The way I see it, the trend will continue to become bigger then what it is now.  With more folks learning to dance Latin (Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Bachata, Samba, and Tango just to name a few), and more entertainment avenues accepting our music (TV, movies, radios, nightclubs, magazines, etc.), the roots have been deeply planted so that the trend becomes a way-of-life and not just a fad in the new Millennium.

This web will be used as a forum to spread the word about the influence our music and culture is having on general society.  Hopefully you will enjoy the information that is provided here.

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