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Salsa Disc


paris branch  jose rodriguez


Paris Branch

Parris Branch was born and raised in the Philly/South Jersey area.  Parris has been DJ'ing for 30 years and doing Latin music for the past 10 years.  His interest in Latin music began when he first heard Tito Nieve's rendition of "I'll Always Love You" and Cheo Feliciano's "Half Crazy" for the first time.  Since then, he became hooked on Latin music.

Parris started making tapes for friends in New York when a friend from New Jersey heard one of the tapes and encouraged him to audition at a new club called MoHorns that had just opened-up and had several different DJ's.  

At MoHorns he worked with Latin personality Nito Prado of Radio Tropical who was working at Philly's Aztec Club, the hottest club at the time.  Both personalities took Paris under their wings and helped him develop his craft.  From their on, Parris has worked in many area night clubs in Camden, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, such as Rocco DePersia's "Shark Salsa Productions" dances at the New Jersey State Aquarium, The Harbour League Club, A Nice Little Bar, The Cotton Club, Holmes Lounge, Casa Blanca, Top Dog, Mohorns, Salseros International Dance Company, Club Salsa, The Buck Hotel, and La Esmeralda - as well as performing at weddings, private parties, and family events.

Parris loves listening to and playing Latin music for Salsa dancers and dancing to the rhythms of Salsa.  In addition he plays oldies, Jazz, and rhythm and blues, and listens to classical music.

DJ Jose Rodriquez

I am currently then "Latin Night " DJ at the 8th Floor Night Club located on the Philadelphia Waterfront. I do private events such as weddings, birthday parties, proms, fundraisers etc. During the day I am a Legal Assistant for the Defender Association of Philadelphia. Contact Information Jose L Rodriguez 219 E Tabor Road Philadelphia, PA 19120 215-329-3262 Office phone 215-327-2807

Biographical Information I was born right here in Philadelphia back in April of 1970. I was raised right in North Philadelphia. Music has been in my soul from the beginning. Having a friend that was a DJ, I began to pester him to let go to some parties with him to just watch. Fascinated by the crowd reaction, I began to ask more questions, go to more "gigs", and carry more sound equipment. Then I became an honorary member of the group. As time went on the guys became older and all of the responsibility of maintaining a hobby-like business became too overwhelming for them. I became more proficient at my unique way of selecting just the right song at just the right time. People started to notice me and the style of music I was playing.  I started to "gig" every week at friend's weddings, birthday parties and thank God the rest is history and everyday we make more

Personal Interests Spending quality time with my daughter Salsa dancing Sports especially hockey & football (Go Flyers!!!!)

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