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salsa holic

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Are you a Salsa-Holic?

Copyright March, 1997, All Rights Reserved.
(Special thanks to "Edie, The Salsa Freak" of for use of the chart and comments.)  

Is Salsa worse than cocaine?

Why do I hear so many people site the similarities between the two? "Salsa is my drug". "I needed my Salsa fix for the week". "I can't get enough of it". "I almost lost my job". "I can't stop". "I've never spent so much money on dance outfits and shoes in my life". "My friends and family don't understand". "Everyone thinks I've lost it". "I can't convince any of my friends to come!"

What IS IT about THIS MUSIC?

Yes, my friends, there is definitely a trend going on here, and I've decided to document it. Just what is it about the rhythm of Salsa that gets under one's skin, and becomes part of our body, mind, and soul? Why does it sizzle in our veins when we hear it? Is it the pulse? Is it the congos? Is it the passion? It can't be the lyrics, because some of us don't understand Spanish...


The feeling that the sound of Salsa brings is something deeper, more like something ancient, a distant past that is remembered, but never before experienced - until the music is heard. The rhythm pulls out something inside of us that cannot be described. The music itself is magical, and sweeps you away into a hypnotic state of mind - not unlike that of a deep sleep or incredible high...

I can admit, I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink. I just Salsa, which to me, is probably a bigger addiction than all three combined!

"Beyond Being a Salsaholic - Confessions of a Salsa Junkie"

Marla Friedler

I have to confess that I am actually worse than a salsaholic.  Add my obsessive/compulsive personality to that of the average salsaholic and what you get is a downright salsa junkie.  Not only do I dance every day (and yes, I am the same Marla who changes in the car between clubs), but when I am not really dancing, I am either writing about dancing for SalsaWeb, reading about dancing on SalsaWeb, answering e-mail about dancing, or, believe it or not, dancing over the phone. Yes, it has come to this. You’ve heard of phone sex - now enter phone dancing.

I have danced over the phone with my friend César a number of times. It’s funny. I haven’t actually seen him in person for about two months but I still dance with him all the time. I was so excited about the way people dance in New York that I had to teach it to him, over the phone.

A typical conversation would go like this,
Marla: Okay, where is your right foot now?
César: It’s forward and I’m counting 5. Is that right?.
Marla: Perfect. Now break forward on your left. That’s 6. Got it?
César: Got it.
Marla: Okay, cool. We’re doing it.
César It was good for me. Was it good for you?
Marla: Yeah, I love dancing on 2.

Now, you have to realize that this conversation is a little ridiculous because we haven’t actually ever danced together on 2 but, since we virtually have, we think we love it.

So, I have to publicly admit that I have definitely crossed the line and gone beyond salsaholism to an all-time low/high of being a certified salsa junkie.

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