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 In this web-page we will review the latest Salsa, and Latin Jazz releases for your listening and/or dancing enjoyment. And we will rewind and go back and recommend a most definite classic salsa release that will move your body, mind and soul to no end.

Review: Mambo, Salsa & Latin Jazz

Van Lester “Estaba Para Mi” - Destiny Sound Records 2004

It has been close to a decade since Van Lester last recorded (8 years to be exact) and a little more that 15 since he has first recorded with Frankie Ferrer y La Band 2010, but his latest release accomplishes two things: First, his change in singing style that is now far away from trying to emulate his idol Hector LaVoe, and secondly, the man can sing. And this latest release proves it. Though not a real strong salsa release, the arrangements are beautiful. And yet, the salsa is not monga, but very uplifting and very danceable. Get your copy and hear what I am talking about.   



Tunes to turn your soul:

  • Se Encontro el Amor
  • Que Me Pasa a Mi
  • Secreto
  • Me Estoy Mirando
  • Que Suerte La Mia
  • En Rico Son (It’s a Cool Thing)
  • Sonero


Classic Salsa

Ray Rodriguez y Su Orquesta Duro “Survival “Tico Records 1979

This is a smash mouth, knock you to the ground, and take no prisoners release that leaves you breathless from the very first song to the last one. Ray Rodriguez is the older brother of one New York salsa legend, Bobby Rodriguez (from Bobby Rodriguez y Su Orquesta La Compania.) Obviously, this is a talented family and this release is proof without a doubt. Bobby is even invited to do a flute solo on one of the songs (Guanguanco En Tropicana) so; a family reunion to the salsa max, without a doubt!

Tunes HOT enough to melt your CD player:

  • Los Cuatro Pesos
  • Mi Rumbon
  • Prisonero
  • Guanguanco En Tropicana
  • Viviendo La Realidad
  • Dejame Ya Mujer
  • Fiel
  • Amarrete El Juanete

October 18, 2004

REVIEW:  Hilton Ruiz “Live at Birdland” 1994 CANDID RECORDS

A cool taste of some jazz on the Latin side with master pianist Hilton Ruiz is just what the doctor ordered. Just that perfect blend of “sugar and spice” gives a little detail of what is set to move you in the most definite right direction. Checking this out, whether at home, at work or cruising in your ride, is surely worth every bit of your precious time and that of your CD player.


Tunes too good not to play:

  • Something Grand
  • New Arrival
  • Blues for Two Tenors
  • Mr. Kenyatta
  • Lisa
  • A Night in Tunisia
  • I’ll Call You Later
  • On Green Dolphin Street
  • Footprints
  • Jazz Hamilton Y Las Estrellas Del Pueblo Roosevelt Records 2004

    New York Salsa a la Larry Harlow, Eddie Palmieri and others who created that 1960’s through the 80’s New York Salsa sound is what you get in this up tempo creative blend of salsa, descarga and so much more. I played this CD and was like “Holy potes de Salsa, this is really, really good!!!” Featuring the vocals of Chamaco Rivera, Aldaberto Santiago, Luigi Texidor and Marvin Santiago as your main bullets can make your CD player one deadly assault weapon against any anti-salsa dance feelings out there.


    Tuff Tunes you can’t skip over:                          

  • Estrellas Del Pueblo
  • El Que Sabe
  • Deja Que La Gente Diga
  • Invitacion A Un Mozambique
  • Marvin’s Medley                                               
  • Son Lo Que Son
  • Quedate
  • De Barrio Obrero A la 15
  • Luiguie’s Medley
  • Pa’ Los Caserios
  • ** And two modified versions of tracks 1 and 2
  • Jimmy Bosch “El Avion De La Salsa” 2004 JRGR Records

    It’s been about 5 years since Jimmy Bosch last released a CD, and honestly, the last CD was a little disappointing. I’ve followed Jimmy Bosch’s musical career through his stints with various NY and PR bands and heard his creativity in the other bands he had played with. When his first CD came out, I was a little surprised that it was not as “salsa-fyed” as I had expected it to be, but this latest release is a whole other flavor. This recording sounds like one of those Puerto Rican bands like La Selecta or Orquesta Mulenze. This recording is salsa tough. This recording will make you dance till your feet fall off. This recording is for real! And that “says “it all! Get it now, like RIGHT NOW!


    Tuff Tunes:

  • Avion De La Salsa
  • Barreras Ninguna
  • El Embajador
  • Vengo a Cantar
  • Medicina No
  • Que Bonito Es Sonar
  • Mama Y Papa
  • Mi Cuerpo Tiemba
  • Que Alivio
  • Cucosito
  • Llego La Hora
  •   REWIND:


     Hector Rivera “The Return” Westside Latino 1968

     Add the arrangements of Machito, Javier Vasquez, Justi Barreto and Curet Alonso and you got one melting pot of great compositions to swing to. Is it a great release? Stop now and listen to the beat of this classic salsa sound and the message will be most definitely clear: “Monstroso!”(Monstrous) Fuel up the stereo player and let this CD soar!


    Earth Moving Tunes:

  • Ahi Viene La Lenguetera
  • Ven Puchunga
  • Encantado De La Vida
  • Yo No Quiero Lio
  • Cierren La Puerta
  • Acelarando
  • Amalia Los Invita
  • Si Bailas Tu
  • Imagenes
  • Guanguanco Para Los Pollitos
  • Tito Rodriguez “Estoy Como Nunca” Westside Latino 1968

    Tito Rodriguez was awesome as a musician, bandleader, arranger, and singer, and this release is the total proof. Not only is it tough, solid and made to move your feet, but sends a message even today, some 36 years later. His release was “una indirecta” a Tito Puente, his musical rival and former best friend. This release was saying: “Tito Puente, you’re good, but I’m the best!” Featuring Manny Oquendo ( from Libre fame) on bongos “Estoy Como Nunca!” says it all. (translation: “ I’m at my best, like never before!”) ‘Nuff said!

    Estoy Como Nunca (1968)




  • Estoy Como Nunca
  • Buscando La Melodia
  • Bilongo
  • Tomame Ya

  • Empego Naroco
  • Estamos En Guerra
  • El Agua DE Belen
  • Modulando
  • Carnaval En Caracas

     October 25,2004







    With the vocals of Paquito Guzmán & Chamaco Ramirez behind those microphones, this is an all time classic salsa/mambo sound that will burn up any dance floor “pero, pa’ quick!” ( like really fast). Check out “Soy Dichoso” and feel the sizzle of this fiery tune. ( this song was redone by Ray Barretto in 1992 on the CD entitled “Soy Dichoso” on the Fania label.    

         Recommended  without hesitation 

    • Fire Fire In The Wire-Wire
    • Historia De Un Condenado
    • Mi Desgracia
    • Soy Dichoso
    • Verdad Amarga
    • El Payaso De Kako
    • Borra Mi Nombre
    • Cumbele Maina
    • El Perro Chu
    • A Toda Mi Gente

                                 Algo Exceptional





      Bobby Valentin “Algo Excepcional” Bronco Records 1981

      My all time favorite LP/CD  by Bobby Valentin y Su Orquesta.(Yes, even above the ones featuring Cano Estremera). It is not the vocals that make this release a monster, although they’re not bad, but the arrangements are scorching hot. This is salsa encendida (incinerating salsa)!  Nuff said!  By the way, the vocals are just those of Luisito Carrion, Johnny Vasquez and Rafael Warner, still regarded as some of the best soneros (salsa crooners) around today!  

    •  Cantare con un Orquesta  
    •  La Luz de La Suerte
    • Por Mas Que Te Escondas
    • Yo Se Quien Eres Tu
    • Nina Mala
    • Me Diste De Tu Agua
    • Justo Ahora
    • Y Despues Me Mata               



        Louie Ramirez "Mi Fruto" Caiman Records 1983

        This was the first of many collaborating projects between Ray de La Paz & Louie Ramirez
    After Ray De La Paz left the Ray Barretto Orquestra and Orquesta Guarare, he was pursued by Louie Ramirez to be his lead vocalist for his new salsa band on the brand new Caiman Label. This release was the beginning of many good salsa-fyed years between these two great salseros. Many also believe this is where salsa romantica was born, Louie Ramirez’s arrangements and Ray De La Paz’s smooth vocal skills. Although, I myself would not consider this release “salsa romantica induced,” there are those out there who label it so. My rebuttal is: listen to Mi Lindo Son, Ten Cuidado or Con Su Permiso and if those tunes are “soft salsa/ salsa monga/ romantica salsa,” then hand out the Q-tips, because there are a lot of folks not hearing what I’m hearing and my hearing is pretty darn good, especially when it comes to salsa!

    • El Mapo
    • Mi Lindo Son
    • Mi Fruto
    • Ten Cuidado
    • Con Su Permiso
    • El Arco De Noe
    • El Secreto
    • Vida








        Sonora Carruseles “Que No Pare La Rumba” 2004 Fuentes Records

     Straight up slam you in your face melt your CD player to the ground, get you off the seat and on the dance floor release. Get the hint, this is tough salsa if nothing more, but then again, what more could or would you want?!

    •    Tremendo Boogaloo
    •    Las Muchachas
    •    Pino
    •    Cuero Na' Ma
    •    El Gato Boogaloo
    •    Solo Quede
    •    Bacan De Barrio
    •    Que No Pare La Rumba
    •    Tiene Swing
    •    Mi Rico Boogaloo
    •    Camelia
    •    Micaela




     November 1,2004        



     (Give a listen to some Jazz on the Latin Side)


    Jazz Crusaders “Chile Con Soul” Blue Note Records 1965

     Funk, rebop and bebop ala Machito and his Afro-Cubanos , this is a classic jazz release that cruises down the Latin side of the street and rides along ever so fine. Put it in 5th gear and watch this release spin your CD player like never before. Agua Dulce is so smooth and yet so fiery, you won’t know whether you’re coming or going, but you’ll definitely be flowing to this treasure sound from the past.  

    • Agua Dulce
    • Soul Bourgeoisie
    • Ontem A Note
    • Tough Talk
    • Tacos
    • Latin Bit
    • The Breeze and I
    • Dulzura


     andy’s Dandy “A Latin Affair” Latin Percussion Records 1979

     This is one of several releases on the LP label which truly puts the emphasis on the musicians as there is very little use of vocals on this recording.  Featuring Johnny “Dandy” Rodriguez on bongo, Alfredo De La Fe on violin, Sonny Bravo on piano and Nicky Marrero on timbales, this little slice of sabor is clean to the very last track. “Aprietala En El Rincon” is hot!  

    • Son De la Loma
    • Jo-Ca-Nic
    • April In Paris
    • Tune Up
    • Manteca
    • Almendra
    • Kokoina
    • Aprietala En El Rincon


    Francisco Aguabella “Hitting Hard” Cubop 1975 


    vibraphone based Latin Jazz Ensemble that has been around since 1960. This is the funky side of Latin jazz, with a mix of R&B flavor that will be easy on the soul, and cool to the mind, but Latino flavored to say the least. Francisco Aguabella has been known and recognized throughout the music world as a master conga player, and in this release he lets loose, his Afro-Cuban roots on the funky cool Latin side of jazz. Take a taste, and you will definitely come back for second and third helpings with out hesitation.


    • Ramon’s Desire
    • Casa  Fuerte
    • Headstrong
    • Don’t Let Them Fool You
    • Afro-Nue
    • I Wanna Know
    • Anna Maria
    • Fantasy
    • Image Of A Star
    • Cisco
    • Desire




    (Mambo-Salsa Recommendations from yesterday)



        Azabache “Azabache” Leopold Music 2000

     First time I heard this CD I thought about how different it was. All the local DJs in the Philly area didn’t like it or never even heard of it. Then I went to the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress and every night they played a tune from the CD. It was different yet salsa toughened. There are a couple of bilingual salsa tunes in this release, but they are straight up danceable. “Cinco A Diez” is a monster tune, a mambo to the max and the lyrics hit right down to the core of one’s soul.  I liked the CD and think its difference is what makes it a forceful release. Check it out and see for yourself. I think it will grab you by surprise.


    • Cinco A Diez
    • This Moment
    • Luna
    • Simplemente Complicada
    • Surrender
    • Montuno Street
    • Batman And Spiderman
    • Besitos De Coco
    • Thanks For The Mambo




     Kako Y Su Combo Alegre Records 1961

     First of all, the cover of this LP/CD is cool as anything and the art work is like 50 years ahead of its time, and then there’s the music inside. Mambo guanguaco, pachanga, and guajira. My favorite tune is “El Bebe” but they're all great!  Step back in time some thirty years plus, so you can jam, dance and have yourself a mambo-ized time with this classic sound.

    • Despierta
    • Las Nenas Del Barrio
    • Rumbero
    • El Jaleo
    • La Gente
    • Tiboco
    • Pita El Tren
    • Chocolate Caliente
    • No Vas A La Pachanga
    • El Bebe
    • San Sereni
    • Tengo Ganas DE Llorar
    • El Candado Y La Llave ( original version




    Joe Cuba’s Sextet “Vagabundeando / Hangin’Out” Tico Records 1965

     Talk about a slamming mambo-fyed, cha cha-razed, bolero touched up release, this is just like a glass of ice tea on a hot and humid summer day- just enough to cool you down and then energize you back up.  “Quinto Sabroso” is a monster tune “Flaco’s Cha Cha” is as smooth as whipped butter. Check out “Trip to Mamboland,” Jose Cheo Feliciano’s first ever English lyric tune. (They tried out Cheo for English tunes, although Cheo spoke no English, after the departure of Willie Torres from the group, who prior to this release sang all the English version mambo tunes like “Mambo of the Times”)   

    • Quinto Sabroso
    • I Need You
    • Oriza Oco
    • Flaco’s Cha Cha
    • No Comen Cuento
    • Oye Bien
    • Yo y Boriquen
    • Quieres Volver
    • Nina Nina
    • El Raton
    • Trip to Mamboland
    • Ya Se Acabo



         (today’s special served to your liking: hot and spicy)



     Tito Nieves “Fabricando Fantasias” Sony Records 2004

      A true sonero for the 21st century, Tito Nieves has always been at the top of his game since he first came on the scene more than twenty years ago. This latest release is just further proof of his talent. Sergio George's signature is felt all over every note Tito croons. And even La India adds a sweet whisper or two to one of the arrangements. I  recommend this release to beef up your salsa arsenal.

    • Fabricando Fantasias

    • Ya No Queda Nada

    • El Capitan

    • Sigue Viviendo

    • Lo Que Le Molesta

    • Mi Retirada

    • El Mecanico

    • Ya No Que Nada (regaton version)

    • Fabricando Fantasias( Ballad version)




     November 8, 2004





     Oscar Deleon “Asi Soy”   Sony Disco 2004

     “And the Oscar goes to…el senor Deleon.”   As in typical style, like in the heydays of his career on the TH label (mid 70’s through early 90’s) with La Critica and La Salsa Mayor  bands, Oscar has never sounded so “street tough” with his salsa. Man, does this release move, like lightening during a thunderstorm.  Grab hold, hold on tight and watch your stereo sound system make some dance floor shattering sounds you are sure to enjoy. 

           HOT TUNES:

    •           Jibarito Enamorado

    •         El Regalito

    •         Punto Final

    •         Se Acabo El Amor

    •         Adivinanza

    •         Vive Tu Vida   

    •         Volando

    •         No Ha Nacido Otra Como Tu

    •         Lo Tuyo Es mentira

    •         Enamoraito

    •         Cantares De Navidad 


     Protaganistas De La Salsa “De Puerto Rico Al Barrio” Envidia Records 2004

     Envidia Records invites you to check out another hard singing all-star effort from Puerto Rico, loaded up with awesome arrangements and singing that is superb. It is definitely a dance floor ready release. The singers include Luisito Carrion, Wichy Camacho, Prime Cruz, Mel and Nino Segarra, who hold their own ever so well.   

    Add this one in to your must have list. Puerto Rico is kicking out some strong sounds over the last year and a half, and taking no prisoners. Message to the emerging New York Bands: you guys don’t stand a chance as along as Puerto Rico’s salsa still stays strong, and case in point, it’s still strong!  

     Hot Tune: 

       Protagonistas De La Salsa Tema
       Anuncio Clasificado
      Que Sabes Tu De Amor
      Nada Sin Ti
      Las Calaveras
      Te Voy Hacer Feliz
      Si Tu No Estas
      Dueña De Mi Cuerpo
      Pensar En Ti
      Puente Al Cielo


       Conjunto Imagen “Ayer, Hoy Y Mañana”
    Muziq Records 2004

      Hay Costia Linda
      Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
      Tremendo Problema
      Ave Maria Lola
      Comentario Del Solar
      Medley-Esencia De Guaguanco/Sonero
      El Pregon Del Pescador
      El Eco De Carretero
     Con Tumba, Tres, Y Bongo
     Cosa Del Alma
     Me Quiere Eominar
     La Colorada
     Mario Rumba
     Nuevamente Te Invita A Bailar

     Ok, count them, 16, as in 16 tracks of recorded music. Most CDs offer 10-12, and this one has 16. When Nelson Rodriguez, from Latin Beat Magazine, told me the release had 16 tracks, I asked if it was a mistake and he stated “No, Ernie Acevedo did this on purpose!” Ok, go figure, and once you do, you’ll hear that all the tracks are smoking and sizzling ‘salsa sweet!” Check it out for yourself, enjoyment for sure!




        Latin Music History on Film



     “Roots of Rhythm- A Worldwide Celebration Of Latin Music From Africa To The Caribbean And America” - With Harry Belafonte

      This was a show that was originally on PBS and has some amazing footage of some great CLASSIC SALSA AND MAMBO. You have to see Tito Rodriguez performing a “break dance” move to an awesome mambo, or a whole band just falling backwards (on purpose, no less) at the end of a song.  This is now in DVD version, and it is three hours long.  A must have for any true “salsa-ologist.”  If you are into the history of Latin music, then this is what you have been waiting for.




        Rafael Cortijo y Su Bonche  “Ahi Na Ma“  Tico Records 1968

    With the great Camilo "Azuquita" on vocals, this release is an all time classic. Treasure this release, and for those who have the original album, a rarity indeed.  I love the original version of “Vasos en Colores” and “El Reloj De Pastorita.” Listen to “Aqua Que Va a Caer” and you’ll hear Cortijo take off on the timbales. It will make you sweat like if you were playing them. I love this release simply because as I learned listening to other Puerto Rico based bands during that New York Mambo era, Puerto Rico was not given the credit, recognition and respect it deserved in the caliber of music it produced. Cortijo’s band, during the 1950’s and 1960’s was a band, simply ahead of its time. It did what Zaperoko did during the 70’s, what Bamboleo did during the 80’s and what bands like Truko y Su Zaperoko and Plena Libre are doing today, it brought forth the traditional music of Puerto Rico, while maintaining a very  fortified  stronghold in salsa.  Cortijo is the father of Puerto Rican salsa and this release is an absolute reason why you should always listen to “papi.”

        Incinerating Tunes:        

    •    Agua Que Va a Caer

    •    Pensamiento

    •    El Reloj De Pastora

    •    Se Escapo Un Leon

    •    La Campana Del Lechon

    •    Ya No Me Importas

    •    Gracias

    •    Vasos En Colores

     Ocho “Dos” Westside Latino Records 1973


     Led by pianist and vibraphonist Chico Mendoza, Ocho is one of my all time favorite '70s New York bands. They experimented with salsa, jazz, Latin soul and have done them all with so much flavor and groove. The reason they were called Ocho, was because they were eight African American musicians lead by former WBGO –FM DJ Chico Mendoza, and based out of Newark New Jersey, they took the New York salsa scene by surprise with their laid back, cool but aggressive style.    

     Hot Tunes:

    •    Theme from "Last Tango En Paris"
    •    Oye Mi Son Cha Cha Cha
    •    What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
    •    Descarga Con Bajo
    •     El Guayabero
    •     La Batanga
    •     Guaguanco En Tropicana
    •     Fool ' Ya



     November 15,2004



      Tito Allen   Untouchable Alegre Records 1979

    • Vivan Tus Ojos Verdes

    • El Deseo De Amar

    • Guancona

    • Para Los Bravos

    • Flores Blancas Y Negras

    • El Sabio

    • Como Tu Ninguna

    • Busca Ambiente


    Vincent Frisaura Trumpet
    Tony Cofresi Trumpet
    Hector Zarzuela Trumpet
    Larry Spencer Trumpet
    Dick Mesa Tenor sax
    Mario Rivera Tenor sax
    Ronnie Cuber Baritone sax
    Bobby Porcelli Alto sax
    Sam Burtis Trombone
    Guillermo Edgehill Bass
    Paquito Pastor Piano
    Juan Pepin Conga
    Mike Collazo Timbales
    Jose Madera Bongos
    Louis Ramirez Vibes and Paila Solo
    Tito Allen Coro
    Adalberto Santiago Coro

    Reason why I listed the musicians as well as the songs was to identify  that this is one awesome classic release. The musician listed that recorded this product some 25 years ago, are some of the “top guns” in the salsa world. Paquito Pastor on piano, the late Louie Ramirez on vibes, and Hector Zarzuela on trumpet are just examples of the caliber of fire power this release had. I love the updated version of the original Tito Puente‘s tune “Guancona”  with Juan “Papo”  Pepin  doing the conga solo, whew, does that smoke! Check it out for yourself, “Untouchable” lives up to the title and then some.  

       La Sonora Ponceña Tiene Pimienta Inca  Released 1975; Produced by Larry Harlow

      Sonora Poncena has been one of the top two salsa bands from Puerto Rico for over 45 years. They have had numerous superb vocalists over these many years and that has been reflected in each release. On Tiene Pimienta, Luigui Texidor is killer hot, Miguelito Ortiz is a monster on La Fiesta No Para Feos and there are  the rest  of the hot tunes:

    • Tiene Pimienta 4:39
      La Montaña
      Del Oso 5:19
      La Fiesta No Es Para Feos
      Alguien Me Hablo
      No Muere El Son 5:10
      Mayeya 5:40
      Hachero Sin Hacha
      No Me Quieras Tanto 4:59
      Tumba Mabo 5:35
      Homenaje A Las Gordas 4:39


     Monty Roca Y Conjunto La ClaveLa Clave” Salsa International Records 1981

    •  El Interes 5:50
       No Vuelvo A Querer
       Borracho Soy Yo 4:49

       El Frutero 4:04
       Vidas Pasajeras 5:59
       Bailar Contigo 5:35
       Hoy Me Entere
       Lo Se Muy Bien

      Classic sounds from the 80's with Ray De La Paz and Nestor Sanchez in the coro. This CD rocks like a heavyweight champ. Get ready to get to get knocked out!




     Verny Varela “Amar De Nuevo” Varela Records 2004

    Debut release from Colombian born salsa singer Verny Varela who was the former director and singer for Gabino Pampini's band. He is now based in Washington D.C. This is one tough salsa release  that will hold the listener and dancer both hostage, but totally satisfied.

    •  Recoge Y Vamos
       He Vuelto Amar
      El Chismoso
       Volvere Alguna Vez
       Quien Bien Se Porta
       El Zancudo
       Cada Cosa En Su Lugar



          November 22,2004




    El Gran Combo  "Aquí Estamos Y... ¡De Verdad!" Sony  2004

     Brand new release from Puerto Rico's "senators of salsa"( they lay down the law in the world of salsa.)  This is pure dance salsa.  The arrangement are simply 'Combo-ized': tough and fun, but as always, pure sabor.  

    • Hot Tunes:

      Mi Banda Bonita 5:20
      El Matrimonio 4:05
      Amor Perfecto 4:51
      Me Dejó En El Aire 5:06
      Pa' Arriba No Va 5:10
      Para Querer Un Te Quiero 4:33
      Esa Eres Tú 4:40
      El Amor Que Te Di 3:08
      Por Siempre 5:04
      Siete Vidas 4:23



    questa La Masacre "Mamey"  Fania Records 1980
      Hard, straight-up salsa from 1980 led by the talented Julio Castro who plays congas and flute, an unusual combination. This is Puerto Rico flavored classic salsa. The tunes “Rumba Sin Invitados,” "Tambores De Guerra" and “Jibarita” are red fire hot.  Tasty treat for the mind, body and soul of those craving the purest of a salsa fix.


    • Rumba Sin Invitados
      Hombre Del Campo
      Tambores De Guerra
      Son De Los Mameyes
      Di Lo Que Vendes
      Sabor Añejo De Rumba





     Machito And His Afro-Cubans  A Night Out With Machito Tico,1960

    Machito is the "mambo king"! Forget, the "big three," because there was Machito, and then there was Puente and Rodriguez. Machito was the first, the leader, the original designer of the mambo fever of the 1940's-50's. He would  use a 21-30 piece big Latin band ala Glenn Miller in Jazz. His arrangements by his musicians Rene Hernandez and Chico O'Farril were second to none and the vocals of Graciela was just "icing on the cake." I love this release, being it was first Machito release I heard when I was a teenager during the early 70's , I was like WOW, this old stuff is really good, and once you hear this release, you'll have that same feeling run through your bones.    

    • Anota Flora Mi Camion
      Le Gusta Mi Pais
      Song Of Lisbon
      La Feria De Las Flores
      La Peleona
      La Tiñosa
      Lagrimas Y Tristeza
      Yo Tengo Un Mate
      Caso Perdido
      Donde Va Maria





     Wuelfo  "El Sonido De La 4"  Inca 1974

     This is a typically hot  from the '70s classic salsa release with a killer band produced by  Larry Harlow (who plays a fiery piano on the tune "Te Voy A Dar".)  This is straight up Salsa, with a non hidden         motivation designed to make you dance.

    • Bueno Y Pico
      Te Voy A Dar
      Siguelo Que Se Sepa
      Quireme Y Veras
      Ton Ton Piley
      Para Hacerte Mia
      Hechicera Tu
      Mi Corazon/Nuestras Vidas
      Si Te Tiras Quedas


      November 29, 2004




     Orquesta Guarare “Renaissance” Inca Records 1979 / Ray De La Paz “Rey De La Paz’ Fania Records 1995

      The reason I put both of these selections together is because they are both one and the same release. Orquesta Guarare was a band that was developed after 1977 and was named from the hit Guarare from the Ray Barretto album “Barretto” Fania 1976. Members of Ray’s band were a little disgruntled with Ray because of “creative differences.” This seems to have been a pattern with Ray Barretto’s band as prior his charanga band broke up, but Barretto still flourished, during the early 70’s, again his band broke up, giving birth to Orquesta Tipica 73. Tipica 73 broke up, changed and gave birth to Orquesta Los Kimbos. In the end, all these “off springs” of Ray Barretto still had his signature trademark in them and Guarare was no different. Ray De La Paz replaced both Tito Gomez and Ruben Blades on vocals for the first Guarare LP (still not on CD to date) and performs again on this second release. I love the way this release adds just a ting of charanga but still keeps the strong trombone sound of early Tipica 73 influence and the memorizing trumpets sound that is a true Ray Barretto influence. Either release you purchase will leave you in awe. Listen to the charged up attitude in “Guapo” or the smooth lure of “Maria” and you’ll hear what I mean. A touch of Barretto in this release, yes in deed, yes in deed! Featured hot musicians are Oscar Hernandez on piano (presently with the Spanish Harlem Orquestra) and Philly’s native son, Art Webb on flute.

           Hot Tunes:

         Te Quiero De Gratis
         Que Linda Te Ves
         Sigo Esperando
         Pan Con Bacalao
         Eres Tu


     Frankie Ruiz “Más Grande Que Nunca” Rodven Records 1993

      You can never deny the void in salsa music because of Frankie Ruiz’s death back in 1998. I can’t imagine the change salsa would have taken should Frankie not have passed away. I can only believe the “Puerto Rico influence” in salsa would not have caved in to the Columbian version of salsa, and people like Marc Anthony and Tito Nieves would have had to change their tune to be as up-tempo as Frankie Ruiz. Frankie Ruiz was a monster sonero, a singer whose style was non-comparable. “Mas Grande Que Nunca” translates into “bigger than ever,” and he sure was. There are a lot of fiery tunes in this release, but of all the hot tunes, my favorite is a tune that doesn’t sizzle in as much as it makes you say wow! “Amantes De Otro Tiempo” (lovers from another time) is a hauntingly beautiful song. You have to hear the boldness of the beauty in the song, in particular, the lyrics to understand to what I am referring. This is one of my favorite Frankie Ruiz’s releases and once you get it, it will be one you will treasure as well.

                   Hot Tunes

         Para Darte Fuego
        Tu Eres
        Me Dejo
        Entre El Fuego Y La Pared
        Amantes De Otro Tiempo
        En Epoca De Celo




     Moncho Rivera “Recuerdos De Un Pueblo, Vol. 1” Producciones Del Patio Records 2004

      Ok, I have a confession to make: I had this release at least a year before it was released and when I    received it, it was a “raw” copy sent to me from a friend, who got it from a friend in Puerto Rico. When I heard it, I was like what
    an uncanny resemblance in vocal skills to his uncle. Unlike Ismael Rivera’s sons who sound somewhat like El Sonero Mayor, Moncho sounds a lot like El Sonero Mayor. That being said “Recuerdos De Un Pueblo” is a tribute to some of the best material of El Sonero Mayor, Ismael Rivera as performed by his nephew, Moncho Rivera.  Every track on this release is great.

        Hot Tunes:

        De Todas Maneras Rosas
        Las Caras Lindas
        Dime Porque
        Las Tumbas
        Que Te Pasa A Ti?
        Dormir Contigo (Sale El Sol)
        Mi Jaragual


       December 6, 2004







    Frank Bambara
    "Hay Una Fiesta! There's A Party Going On!"  Volution Records  2004

    Frank Bambara leads an old school New York salsa band tinged with straight up sabor. Original tracks by Mr. Bambara like the terrific “Mi Guaguancó,” Ritmo Cubano,” “Descarga,” and the title track “Hay Una Fiesta! are smoking “Son De De Loma”  and  “Cachita” are nicely redone.This release reminds me  of the hot New York club scene of the late 70's and those killer bands from that era. Check it out for yourself and enjoy.

    • Mi Guaguanco
      Son De La Loma
      Cuando Yo Miro
      Ritmo Cubano
      Hay Una Fiesta


       Luis Centeno Y Su Orquesta Melaza "Rumba Callejera"  Melaza Records 2004
       Ok strap on tight, because this release is Puerto Rican sizzling hot salsa!!! I played the title track tune on my radio show on saturday night 12/04/2004 and the phones lit up like a Christmas tree as the song was being played. Highly recommended by yours truly and also my good friend Julio Viera from Centro Musical Record Store ( someone  who is recognized as a noteworthy local musicologist and a master salsero.) So, a second opinion has been noted, now how can you not  get this release?


    • Rumba Callejera 6:01
      Al Rojo Vivo 4:14
      Yo Naci 4:14
      El Amor 5:15
      A Luchar 4:18
      Alma Llanera 7:36
      Plante Bandera 4:29
      Tino "Guasa" 0:24
      Huracan 4:29
      El Amor Que Yo Te Di 4:13
      Entre Dos Aguas 4:00
      La Pinche Amargada 5:39
      Melaza De Caña 4:39


       On the Latin Jazz side of the street:




    Jeff Niess & Ensemble Siete  "Evolution" Mambo Maniacs Records 2004

    With the help of Elio Villafranca on piano, Héctor Rosado on congas and timbales, Ricardo Ponz on flute, Abreau Troche and vocalist Tony Pérez, (all Philly area natives) Jeff Niess has managed to create a warm and inviting debut project that has very strong vibrations and a fiery upbeat tempo to those who want their Latin Jazz that is high octane fueled.


    • Rumba Caliente 4:15
      Blusette 5:08
      Little Cigars 5:00
      Take Five 4:10
      Que Sera Mi China 5:08
      Jordu 3:12
      In A Dream 5:09
      Expression 2:44
      Lets Play 3:55
      Wapataca 5:07







    Tito Puente " Carnaval En Harlem"  Tico Records 1966

    I have always said that the best music in the era of Tito Puente's long outstanding career was with Santos Colon on vocals and the proof is in the recording. Terrorizing mambos that take your breath away can say it best. This album was part of my parent's record collection when I was a kid and as I play it in its' CD form, all I can think about is the argument that my parents would have over which was the best song. Well, I've come to the conclusion that they're all great. This is a must have classic mambo release. 

    • Trompeta Tropical
      Mirame Mas
      Cuando Calienta El Sol
      Carnaval En Harlem
      Rumba En El Patio
      Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
      Como Esta Miguel
      Corta El Bonche



        December 13 2004







      “La Nueva Sensacion Musical De Puerto Rico”

    Tommy Olivencia & Su Orquesta Inca Records 1969

     What an awesome record/ CD this is. First ever Tommy Olivencia release. Check out the original version of “Trucutu” and how young Chamaco Ramirez was. Hot, hot, hot classic Puerto Rico flavored salsa.

          Hot Tunes:

    •  Sabroso
      Este Rencor
      Oye Mi Consejo
      Mi Puerto Rico
      Te Canto Yo
      Este Guaguanco
      La Vecinita Del Lado
      Casabe Con Longaniza
      La Comay


        “Vive La Leyenda”

        Tommy Olivencia & Su Orquesta  Rodven Records 1998

     The last time Tommy Olivencia recorded prior to this release was in 1988 on Capitol Records release entitled “Enamorado y Que!” After that recording, Tommy got into a little bit of trouble and was on a “vacation” (although, not by choice.) It was a major surprise when this release came out and it took the salsa world back 15 in the style, strength and swing of the 70’s and 80’s that it was so used to hearing by Tommy Olivencia’s orquestra. This release was no joke. With Simon Perez, Paquito Guzman and a young guy named Mel, this release was pure PR flavored salsa. You have this one in your collection, and not because it is a great release, but because it is one for the archives in the history of Salsa music.          

               Hot Tunes

    • Recordando Detalles 4:52
      Adivinanza 4:59
      Ya Lo Ves 4:30
      Ya No Estás Aquí 4:59
      Felicitá (Oye Mi Canto) 4:52
      Si Tu Te Vas 4:33
      Así Es Que Me Gusta 4:57
      Me Rindo 3:56
      Amor Mio 4:55
      Amigo Fiel 5:00





     “De Regreso” Corporacion Latina Orquesta Productions Records 2004

     Salsa from Puerto Rico which has La Corporación redoing some of their well known classic salsa songs plus they invite you to check out some new releases as well.  Danceable and salsa enticing release  inviting you to check it out.  

        Hot Tunes:

    • De Regreso
      Si Yo Pudiera
      Amor Maldito
      Quiero Tenerte
      Desengaño II
      Pelee Con Un Payaso
      Dos Ovejas Obesas Y Una Garrapata
      Solo Yo He Vivido
      Serenata Jibara



      December 20,2004


      This week:  A Review & Rewind of the music/bands of Charanga


     Charanga: A specific style of instrumentation that is made up of a rhythm section (contrabass, timbales, and güiro), strings (from two to four violins, or any number of violins with a cello) and one wood flute. The piano and conga drum were added in the 1940s. This term (and style of instrumentation) evolved from the charanga francesa, developed in the early 20th century.

      Charanga Francesa - The original term for what is now known as the charanga instrumentation



        La Charanga America  " George Maysonet And Charanga America"   TH Records 1980

     One of my favorite New York flavored charanga bands from the '80s. A great line-up featuring Nicky Marrero and Nestor Torres make this charanga band swing all the way.  

                 Hot Tunes: 

    • Charanga America 3:08
      San Antonio 3:26
      Cañandonga 5:01
      Ya Llego 4:05
      Somos Los Que Estamos 5:03
      El Viejito Don Antonio 3:39
      Donde Esta Mi Negra 4:55



     ORQUESTA BROADWAY    “Pasaporte”  MP Records 1979

     Ok, I love charanga and this one is yet another  of my all time favorite charanga bands from the Big Apple. Pasaporte (translates to “Passport”) and your passport is validated so that you can travel and enjoy the beauty and force of charanga music.  For those who don’t know, charanga features flute and violin in the instrumentation and swing of the music. Some say charanga is a type of salsa others say it is a style of mambo, when in reality it is an off spring of son, son montuno and danzon. And to go further back, a direct root would be French New Orleans, early to mid 19th century (around 1835) and the European influenced danza. Again, Charanga is beautiful and so danceable. Charanga is just the flavor to tantalize your desire for pure sabor.

               Hot Tunes 

    • Isla Del Encanto
      Guajira Del Amoor
      Del Pilar
      Quedate Conmigo
      El Material
      Como Estoy     



      Tipica Ideal “¡Ya Llegó!”  WS Latino Records 1971 

     Here's a terrific charanga-chá release that features the esteemed violinists Chombo Silva, Alfredo de la Fé and Aurelio Parada. There are some formal tipica danzon-cha pieces peppered with pure sizzlers like the descarga "Tema De La Ideal" and "Mi Socio Manolo." Still, another fine Pancho Cristal production.

            Hot Tunes

    • Tema De La Ideal
      ¿Dónde Va María?
      El Teléfono
      Pensando En Ti
      Rumba Omelenko
      Union De Reyes
      Mi Socio Manolo

      The Stranger


          Anthony Blea Y Su Charanga “Virgen De La Caridad” Rumba Jams 2004

     This fine debut release from young violinist Anthony Blea comes filled with sabor. Mr. Blea leads a charanga rooted in tradition but clearly identifies with modern salsa. Add in guests Jimmy Bosch and Alfredo De La Fe plus vocals provided by Orlando Torrriente and Eduardo Herrera (formally of La Charanga QB) and you have one solidified released designed to ease and yet tantalize the charanga craving soul in all of us.

              Hot Tunes  

    • Virgen De La Caridad
      Que Vida
      Pa Eso
      Las Cosas De Mi
      La Cintura De Maria
      Disfruta La Vida
      Tumba Randy
      Cero Guaperia



       December 27,2004









    The Bennito Sextet “The Bennito Sextet Plus One”
    Mardi-Gras Records 1968

    A little bit of funk-a-fyed Latin soul mixed in  with some straight up mambos makes this one sweet mix of old school sabor from the Latin bugaloo free spirited time of the 60’s. Groovy baby, and peace man!



              Groovy Tunes:


    • Psychedelic Meditation
      Love Is To Say
      Jumping With Me
      Jumping Hully Gully
      Rhythm And Soul
      Dignoras Guaguanco
      My Sherry
      Mambo Ex#1





     Bobby Rodriguez Y La Compañia “Mi Regreso” Caiman Records1984

     3 year after recording the last  of five albums with his band La Compañia  on  Vaya Records, between 1975 and 1981, Bobby Rodríguez (1950-2003) renamed his band La Nueva Compañia and came back with the  smoking ” Mi Regreso” in 1984. And with the addition of lead vocalist Orlando Watusi “ Mi Regreso”  was (and still is)  a monster release.  I like their version of the classic "María Cristina", a Cuban composition from the early 1940’s. "Olvidame" and “No Me Conviene” are super nova hot tunes! Bobby Rodriguez was a long time impacting force in Latin music. Bobby directed, arranged, composed and played tenor sax with the orchestra of his brother Ray Rodríguez, whose second release, Delusion '69 on Alegre, contained the original recording of "Olvidame", co-written by Bobby and the band's original vocalist, albino Nestor Sánchez.

            Song titles:

    • Maria Cristina
      El Pintor
      No Me Conviene
      Mi Regreso
      Pennies From Heaven

    • Toño Fuego
      Tributo A Cortijo

      January 3, 2005




    Johnny Pacheco "Entre Amigos"  Bronco   2004

         Master Flautist and co-founder of Fania Records is back with an all star release that only Pacheco could have put together. Gilberto Santa Rosa, Cheo Feliciano, Ismael Miranda, Adalberto Santiago, Tito Rojas, Jose Alberto "El Canario," Michael Stewart, Herman Olivera, Ray Viera, Hector Casanova and Johnny Ventura are the singers. Bobby Valentin, Roberto Roena, Papo Lucca, Nelson Gonzalez, Dave Valentin, Arturo Sandoval, Ricky Gonzalez are just some of the all star musicians. This release is worthy of any hardcore salsero and devoted fan of Pacheco. I so enjoyed all the various vocalists but applaud the continued use of the fine vocal skills of  Ray Viera, who for me, paid his "dues" in the local Philly Latin band circuit.

           Hot tunes

    •  Coco Seco
      El Exigente
      Celia...Reina Soberana
      La Bicicleta
      Busca Tu Puesto
      La Mujer De Mi Vecino
      La Cirugia
      Que Mareo
      El Bacaliboro
      La Mujer Del Paso
      Yo Falle



    Jose Mangual Jr "Sonero Con Clase" Vedisco Records 1987

    Master Bongocero  Jose Mangual Jr. released this product and made it a little on the charanga side. Carlos El Grande (from La Salsa Mayor orquesta fame) is the featured vocalist. This is  a clean release to say the least. "No Me Mires Mas" is smoking hot and Carlos El Grande turns up the furnace all the way. If you like the latest release of Jose Mangual Jr (Dancing With The Gods), then this classic sound will fuel you up just right.

       Hot tunes

    • Canto A La Caridad
      Que Bueno Esta El Ambiente
      Los Tiñosos
      El Son No Tiene Rival
      Luna Yumurina
      No Me Mires Mas


        January 10, 2005


      George Delgado " Mi Ritmo Llego" Rumba Jam Records 2004

       Thanks to Papo from Funk-o-Mart Records for turning me on to this release. Julio Selgado on vocals plus invited guests like Jimmy Bosch, Ricky Gonzalez, Frankie Vazquez, Nelson Gonzalez, Herman Olivera, Mario Rivera, Alfredo De La Fé and a few other heavy weights, this conguero's debut release is nothing short of pure sabor. Check this out, of all the hot tunes, I like the salsa version of the old tune made famous by the immortal Hector Lavoe, "Tus Ojos." I thought it would be your typical ballad turned into a romantic salsa tune, but it's not. It really is a beautiful smoking tune. Make the effort and get this release for yourself. You are sure to be 'salsa-rized" as are all the current owners, including yours truly.

       hot tunes

    • Mi Ritmo Llego
      Tu Guarachita
      Lo Que Espera El Sonero
      El Hijo De Obatala
      Tu Regresaras
      Todo El Mundo Escucha
      Fuiste Tu
      Tus Ojos
      De Todas Maneras Rosas
      A Mi Me Gusta


             Batacumbele   "Con Un Poco De Songo"  Disco Hit  1989
            Produced by Frank Ferrer    Arranged by Batacumbele

     A significant recording by some of the leading musicians out of Puerto Rico, dedicated to the preservation of Afro-Caribbean rhythms and the folklore of the island of Puerto Rico."-Latin Musicologist Max Salazar.  What Cortijo did in the 1950's 60's and 70's Batacumbele continued the tradition during the 1980's. A raised awareness of the roots of Puerto Rico music  is presented in this all time classic release. Bomba, plena and the Cuban music known as songo make this release a definite moving force in the world of Latin music. Giovanni Hidalgo leads the group and stirs the rhythms to their very core. 

         hot tunes

    • Se Le Ve
      La Jibarita
      A La I Ole
      La Piye
      Danzon Don Vazquez



    La Crema De NY "El Party" WS Latino Records 1973

    Includes some of the finest New York musicians of the seventies. One of those hidden unknown gems on the Westside Latino Record label.  And oh yeah, some pretty hot tunes as well.

           Hot Tunes:

    • El Party (Qué Vacilón)
      Salta Perico
      A Ti Que Te Pasa?
      Cisco Kid
      Matrimonio Feliz
      Entre Pared Y Espada
      Mi Pais

          January 17, 2005


      Mon Rivera “There Goes the Neighborhood” Vaya Records 1975

    Produced by Willie Colon /Arranged by Mon Rivera, Willie Colon & Jorge Millet

     Mon Rivera was a genius and an inspiration to such local Philly talented musicians like Papo Vasquez and Edgar Joel who went on to form their Trombone based bands with much success in the Latin Jazz and Salsa genres of Latin music. This was a collaboration between Mon, Willie Colon, and Jorge Millet (the pride of Puerto Rico) and the end results are fantastic.

          Musicians include:                                

    • Jose Rodriguez Trombone                                             

    • Ed Byrne Trombone

    • Lewis Kahn Trombone

    • Eddie Rivera Bass

    • Papo Lucca Piano

    • Kako Timbales, quinto

    • Milton Cardona Congas

    • Jose Mangual Bongos

    • Ruben Blades Coro

    • Willie Colon Coro

    • Hector Lavoe Coro

    • Fe Ortiz Coro

    • Mon Rivera Lead vocals

          Hot Tunes:

    • Pena De Amor

    • Baila Mi Bomba

    • Mosaico #1

    • Se Te Quemo La Casa

    • La Humanidad

    • Ya Llego

    • Tinguilikitin

    • Mosaico #2

    • Julia Lee

    • Si Te Vas





     Rubby Haddock Y Su Orquesta “Otra Vez” TTH Records 1989 - 

    Rubby Haddock is another son of Puerto Rico whose talents are worthy of any finely tuned mind for salsa. He turns out an outstanding product. Pedro Arroyo and Yolandita Rivera do the honors on vocals and do this release justice. “Llover Sobre Mojado” is a hauntingly beautiful arrangement. 

              Hot Tunes:

    • Intercamio De Amor
      Entre Ella Y Tu
      Entre Tu Amor Y El Mio
      Que Sensacion (Instrumental)
      Todo Me Huele A Ti
      Llover Sobre Mojado
      Que Sensacion






    Domingo Quiñones  “El Mas Buscado”
    Universal Records 2004 

     Ok, this was suppose to come out during the Christmas holiday season, actually even before, around mid-November, but Universal held it back till now. And it was truly worth waiting for.  Domingo Quinones has always been one of my favorite singers since his heydays with the Louie “Perico” Ortiz orchestra during the mid 1980’s and now is known as one Puerto Rico’s greatest soneros. This release is fierce, captivating and just nothing short of pure sabor. Get your copy now and enjoy it all the way to the very end!

             Hot Tunes:

    • El Mas Buscado
      Antes Que Nada
      La Cosecha
      Devuelveme El Amor
      El Tiburon
      Despues De La Caida
      Tu Me Activas
      Frente A Ustedes
      He Decidio Abrir Mis Puertas
      Amanece El Nueve Año


          January 24, 2005




          Meñique  “Meñique” Cotique Records 1987

          Sizzling hot release from the pride of Panama. After years with Charlie Palmieri,Tito Puente  and others, Menique formed his own band and using his unique swing, he struck hard with his releases. I consider this release one of his best and I'm sure once you get it, you'll agree.   

            Hot Tunes

    • Song titles include:
      Timbalero Mayor
      De Las Piedras
      Corazon Salvaje
      Vengo Potente
      Alma Y Corazon
      Angelitos Negros
      Te Lo Juro Yo





        Johnny Ortiz Y Taibori -  Fania Records 1979

        A young vocalist named Tito Nieves shows what he's made of here. This was the first group/band he sang for and he gave it his all. This release smokes like a forest fire. "Unidos" is one killer jam that'll put anybody on the dance floor. Get it for yourself and enjoy the salsa ride! 

              Hot Tunes:

    • Son Nueva Yorquino
      Azote De Temporal
      Cosas Que No Pueden Olvidarse
      Flores De Angustia
      El Bembe De Pepin
      Amor De Muchos Años


    Justo Betancourt “Distinto Y Diferente”   Fania Records 1977

     Justo and his powerful band, Borincuba are explosive. The title track, is like a hand grenade thrown into a room with filled gas cans. KA-BOOOOOM!! And that just describes the first song. so imagine the rest of them, but if you can't then " No Estas En Nada" & "Soy Profesional" will knock you out like a heavyweight champ. This is the best release with his  Boricuba before he turned the band over to his young corista and protégé, one Tito Rojas. 

              Hot Tunes 

    • Distinto Y Diferente 5:19
      Nuestro Juego
      Borincuba 4:20
      Recuerdos De
      Panama 4:57
      Flores De Olvido 3:44
      No Estas En Nada 6:00
      La Vida Mia 2:50
      Soy Profesional 4:28
      Belen 4:31
      Oyela 6:13


    Jazz, on the Latin side of the street


    Juan Amalbert Latin Jazz Quintet “Hot Sauce” Prestige Records 1960 

    It is cool and yet so sizzling at the same time, like hot ice. "Mambo Bobbie" is clean and fun. 45 years later and this release still could make any joint jump!

                Hot Tunes

    • Milestones

      Blue Moon
      Sunday Go Meetin'
      Ain't Dat Right
      Mambo Bobbie

      Rip A Dip
      Monk's Bread
      Out Of This World
      Blues Waltz
      April afternoon





    Pablo Batista  "Ancestral Call" DBK Records 1999

     A very nice debut record by talented percussionist Batista, who has worked with the likes of Conjunto Libre and other groups just shows the versatility of this Philly hometown hero. It gives me much pride to review this release as this son of Philly is world known and highly respected by not only fellow musicians in the Latin music world, but by those  from  all varied avenues of music. Pablo is a master in his field and this release proves it all the way. Bravo!

              Hot Tunes: 

    • Elegua
      Italian Market
      Takin' It To The Streets
      Percussion Interlude
      Afro Blue
      Cerraron La Factoria
      You Don't Know What Love Is
      Ancestral Call (The Messenger)
      It's Too Late
      El Numerito
      Conga Solo
      El Callejon De Los Rumberos


              Musicians: ( All local Philly area musicians!)

    • Pablo Batista Congas, timbales, shakers & percussion
      Howard Britz Double bass
      Elio Villafranca, Jimmy Lopez Piano
      Bryan Berthold Drums
      John Swana Trumpet, flugelhorn
      Kris Bauman Alto saxophone
      Randy Chick Keyboards
      Chico Huff Bass
      Mike Ianieri Guitar
      Stanley Slotter Trumpet, flute
      Humberto Alicea Trombones
      Edgardo Cintron, Mike Ianieri Cowbell
      Nichola Rivera Bata drum (itotele)
      Clemente "Chucky" Joseph Bata drum (iya)
      Joseph Toledo Bata drum (okonkolo)
      Edwin "Dice" Centeno Bongo
      Hector Rios Maracas
      Tony Perez Lead and background vocals
      Michelle Cunningham Lead and background vocals
      Anthony Colon Lead and background vocals (El Callejon de los rumberos)



        Louie “ Perico” Ortiz  “Dejalo Entrar”  Suave Records 2004 

    El Maestro is back and swinging as hard as ever, with Domingo Quinones, Roberto Lugo, Alex D'Castro and new sensation Ruben Roman, this is Perico Ortiz as we will always see him, one hard core salsero! A little classic mixed in with new salsa releases makes this a must have. "El Bohemio" is beautiful and Roberto Lugo never sounded better.

             Hot Tunes 

    • Dejalo Entrar

    • Bohemio

    • Caminos

    • Como no creer en Dios

    • Compartir

    • Tesoro Divino

    • Encuentro

    • Cuan grande es El

      January 31,2005







    Orquesta Salome “Orquesta Salome” Fania  Records 1983


     Straight up knock you to the ground salsa band from Ponce, Puerto Rico who takes no prisoners with this release. Featuring   *Jorge “Piro” Rivera who moved to Allentown Pa and went on to sing and record with Philly’s own Foto Rodriguez y Su Orquesta La Unica during the late 1980’s till the early 1990’s. Salome is no bitter pill to swallow, contrary, they’ll go down like hot caramel and have your body heated up and “salsa jumping” in a heartbeat. 


                Hot Tunes:


    • Secreto Del Guaguanco                                                                  
      Te Alejas
      Vicente El Careton
      La Dueda


        Rafi Val Y La Diferente   ‘La Sociedad’  Vaya Records 1972  

        Rafi Val lead this Puerto Rico grown salsa band during the 1970’s and kept that strong Puerto Rico salsa sound contrary to what Fania Records executives Jerry Massucci and Johnny Pacheco  wanted. If you listen to most New York bands during the 1970’s they were lead by a strong horn section, whereas Puerto Rico salsa bands were lead by a strong percussion section ala Willie Rosario, Tommy Olivencia and Roberto Roena sound. La Diferente followed that same lead and was a charged up band during its’ existence. Enjoy this classic sound as it will salsa-fye you to the max.


            Hot Tunes

    • Sociedad
      Guajira Son
      Quien Llorara
      Se Acabo El Bembe
      Fatal Ambicion
      La Diferente
      La Liberacion



    Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez “A Touch of Class” Fania Records 1977

    Ok, this is one my all time favorite releases, post Pacheco era and even during (except the “Champ” release featuring El Conde with Johnny Pacheco). This release is really hot, I mean like a sun in nova. Listen to “Los Genunios” and you’ll see what I mean. Then there’s “Mi Bongo Antillano” which explodes right in your face and forces you on the dance floor. You’d have to be insane not to get this release. No, wait, I take that back, even a crazy person would buy it, which means that just leaves you. So what are you waiting for.  


            Hot Tunes:

    • Mi Bongo Antillano
      Areito Va Sonar
      El Necio
      Que Rico Pa Bailar
      El Instrumento
      Amor De Mis Amores
      Los Genuinos
      Rayo Veloz  



    Orquesta Yambo “Renacer” Cayito Records Released 2004

      Produced by Cayito (from Cayito y La Distinguida fame on TH Records) This Chicago band is so tough and fired up. I got this in the mail and haven’t been able to stop listening to it…and you probable won’t either.


             Hot Tunes:  

    • El Cartero
      Am I Dreamin'
      El Cayito
      Se Acabo
      Palo Mayombe


         Son Café With Ralph Irizarry Bailando Con... ¡Azúcar!”
         BKS Records 2005

    Timbalero  Ralph Irizarry  offers a killer salsa release. Yep, Salsa, a step out  of the superb Latin jazz we are so used to hearing., Bailando Con... ¡Azúcar! is another proof of the rebirth  of New York hard  salsa releases. A shake up in the Big Apple as salsa bands are coming back to life. Check out this new release and enjoy the ride!




                 Hot Tunes:

    • Será Cuando Tú Digas
      Fascínate Con Mi Tumbao
      A Los Pianistas
      Como Me Ha Insultao
      Cuando Se Hable
      Pásame El Trapito Aqui
      Le Zumba El Mambo
      Puras Mentiras
      Aprovecha Pollo
      Tírame La Pelota Maria
      El Vacío (Tribute To Celia)




      February 7,2005






     Yumurí Y Sus Hermanos “Salsa Y Candela”  BIS/Musica Latina Records 2005

     Yumuri is one of the very few modern day Cuban musicians into Salsa and not into timba or son, so that makes him a rarity to say the least. But then, I have his earlier releases, so I knew this already. Smacking you down like a WWF wrestler, this is another tough release from Yumuri that will catch you by surprise. Go purchase it and enjoy it for yourself.

            Hot Tunes 

    • Bailen Otra Vez
      Mi Salsa Tiene Candela
      Tremendo Personaje
      Coge La Botella
      El Gato No Coge Al Raton Corriendo
      Coge La Botella (remix)
      Anoche Llore  


     Charlie D' Cali Y Su Salsa  ‘Baila Mi Salsa!! Ole Records 2005


    Hot, hot, hot and then CALIENTE! OK, THAT'S ALL I NEED TO SAY! Go out and buy    it!

             Hot Tunes


    • Baila Bailador
      Todo Por Tu Amor
      Baila Para Mi
      Perro Meneito (Salsa)
      Mi Madre Y Mi Pueblo
      Soy Salsero De Corazon
      Perro Meneito (Cumbia)
      Quiero Amarte




      Santiago Ceron “Tumbando Puertas: Luis "Perico" Ortiz Presenta A Santiago Ceron”


    Salsa International  Records 1980

    Gruff voiced salsero who has recorded with the best of the best and this release just steps up and shows why he is that good to have recorded with with so many salsa superstars. He's good and so is this release. 

            Hot Tunes:

    • Lobaton 3:39
      Vendedor De Agua 6:32
      Locas Fantasias 3:40
      No Hay Amor 4:52
      Lindo Yambu 5:45
      Bienvenido 4:16
      Un Corazon De Madera 5:04
      Baja Y Tapa La Olla 4:27


      Cesta All Stars “Los Anos 60”

    The Alegre All-Stars are the Cesta All-Stars and vice versa. Al Santiago sold the tapes to Joe Quijano who renamed it after is own  label Cesta Records. An all stars of all stars lead by Charlie Palmieri and Kako.

              Hot Tunes:

    • No Hace Falta Papel
      Soneros En Una Cesta
      Jala-Jala Con Aguardiente
      El Rinconcito (Son-Montuno)
      La Quinta De Beethoven
      Ran Kan Kan 
      Delirio (Boleraza)
      Mis Recuerdos De Barranquilla 




            February 14,2005





             Los Boleros Para El Dia De San Valentin

             Review / Rewind


    Tito Rodriguez “From Tito Rodriguez, With Love”   Westside Latino Records 1963  So many choice releases from Tito Rodriguez and  and yet I selected this one as one of my all time favorite. Well, consider that “Inovidable” is a song that will literally melt away ice, just imagine how it will affect the core of that aching heart. The boleros (ballads) are simply put, beautiful, haunting and enticing to those who want just an inkling of a romantic feeling in their heart. Or if you just want to hear beautifully made, arranged and composed songs, then this is a sure winner!  Happy Valentine’s Day! 


               Soft as Hot Butter Tunes:

    •   Inolvidable
      Tu Panuelo
      Llanto De Luna
      Que Te Importa
      Ya No Me Acuerdo
      Alma De Mujer
      Hoja Seca
      Embrujo Antillano
      Cuando Ya No Me Quieras
      Yo No Vuelvo A Querer


    Cheo Feliciano “La Voz Sensual De Cheo” Vaya Record 1972

    It’s Cheo, so you either like him or you love him, but you know you can’t live without hearing that voice. And if you don’t do either, then you must not be alive.

            Melt You Down to the Ground tunes

    • Juguete
      Como Rien
      Ansias De Amar
      Siempre De Ti
      Nuestra Vidas
      Enfriamiento Pasional
      Contigo A La Distancia
      Te Contare
      Hay Que Mentir


      Santitos Colón   Siempre Santitos  Fania Records 1976

    Although known for being the vocals that literally « made » Tito Puente’s band from the late 1950’s through the early 70’s, Santitos was also one heck of a ballad singer. One Puente album “De Mi Para Ti” whose title track song was a very beautiful and hauntingly romantic ballad showed the pureness of Santitos’ vocal skills. Outside of Tito Rodriguez and Cheo Feliciano, Santitos is one of my all time favorites. In fact, in crooning and in my opinion, Santitos, Tito Rodriguez and Cheo make up the Big 3 of the ballad singers.    

               Sweet Sounds

    •  Loco Por Ti
      Mia No Mas
      Mil Congojas
      Huellas De Amor
      Mi Llanto Y La Lluvia
      La Iglesia Y Tu

      Horas Y Minutos


              February 21,2005


                Bomba y Plena Review & Rewind


                  Zaperoko   “Cosa De Locos”  Montuno Records 1983

              Zaperoko is what Cortijo was during the 50's and 60's,a force that  maintained the traditional music of  Puerto Rico while still keeping the generation of their time dedicated and well supported of the musical rhythms like salsa, songo and merengue. This release is awesome and well designed in every aspect. Get it and feel the power.

           Hot Tunes

      El Zaperoko - Yesa
      Si Me Dejas Ahora - Songo
      Se Lo Que Es Rumba - Rumba Plena
      Azucar Con Aji - Charansongo
      No Quedo Ni El Gato - Son
      Sigan La Clave - Samba Songo
      La Olla - Songo

      Grupo Afro Boricua with William Cepeda “Bombazo” Blue Jackel Records 1998

     A celebration of Afro-Boricua folkloric music and dance is the prime force of this awesome release. The bomba and plena are performed here with vitality and authenticity. La familia Cepeda is the first family of bomba y plena music in Puerto Rico. For over a hundred years this family has been the forefront in presenting the traditional music of Puerto Rico, and this family member has always done them proud. It is the roots of Puerto Rican style salsa that is played here, and that is what has kept salsa pulsating for over 50 years. So embrace a bit of pride, culture and history with the very core of your soul….Bomba…y Plena tambien!! 

            Hot Tunes:

    • Afro Boricua
      Yubá Medley
      Seshuque Y Balance
      San Tomás
      El Gallo Canta
      El Conde De Loiza
      Amalia (No Quiere Ir Ebozo)
      Melitón Tombé
      Rulé Son Da
      Majestad Negra
      El Doctor Guenaga
      Lamento Borincano
      Seis Corrido Medley
      El Belén

             Plena Libre  “¡Estamos Gozando!”   Times Square Records 2004

                      Another strong record from one of Puerto Rico's most swinging plena bands, they're joined by Alfr

    edo de la Fé on two tracks, Roberto Roena William Cepeda and others. Simply put, Plena  Libre does it again. This is one of  Puerto Rico's best ambassadors of plena and bomba music to the world. They do the music proud and represent the island with pride.

              Hot Tunes:

    • Olvidalo
      Canario Blanco
      Que Buena Son Las Mujeres
      Tributo A "Rafael Cortijo Y Su Combo"
    • Lluvia Con Nieve
      Juan Jose
      Kijis Konar
      Lo Que A Ti Te Gusta
      Medley De La Calle San Sebastian

    February 28, 2005




       Willie Rosario y Su Orquesta “Infinito” Inca Records 1973 


    Yes! Willie Rosario has produced many releases during his awesome salsa career and this has to be considered one of his best. Junior Toledo is a monster on vocals. “Ajiaco Caliente” explodes all over the place and “Tumbao Revolucion” is a very up tempo guajira. Willie Rosario just makes this entire release pour out sabor to your heart’s content.



                     Hot Tunes


    • Arrepentios Pecadores

    • Echame La Culpa A Mi

    • Todo Y Nada

    • Ajiaco Caliente

    • Tumbao Revolucion

    • Juventud Siglo 20

    • Soy Rumbero

    • Lagrimas Y Tristeza  

    • Amigo de Que

    • Last Tango En Paris






    Frankie Negron  “Amacer Contigo” Sony Disco 2005


    Frankie Negron is back to appeal to that younger generation of salseros and does an outstanding job in his latest product. There are some very nice tunes here.




               Hot Tunes

    • Lento(VersionSalsa)
      Lento) (Version Pop)


       March 7,2005





       Bronco “Bronco” Inca Records 1975

     New York salsa number produced by Larry Harlow,  with excellent vocals by Jorge Maldonado, Clean, sparse, pure salsa. Listen to "Jibarito" and then the sizzling "Pobre Viejita" to move your soul to no end. Check out a pure classic sound from the sabroso side of the street.


             Hot Tunes

    • Personajes
      Flores Secas
      Un Ratito Mas
      Pobre Viejita
      Hato Rey
      Teco Ladron




     Puerto Rican Masters “Tributo Al Sonero De Pueblo: Marvin Santiago” Universal Records 2005

     Live mega-concert in tribute to the Sonero Del Pueblo, Marvin Santiago, this show, recorded shortly before his death, has Mr. Santiago enjoying the show with his wife, onstage. Featuring heavy hitters: Wichie Camacho, Luisito Carion , Andy Montañez, Domingo Quiñones and special guest, Oscar D’Leon. This concert is pure salsa. This is an all time treasured moment in salsa’s history without a doubt. Add in both Perico Ortiz and Humberto Ramirez on  trumpets screaming over the coro.

             Hot Tunes

    • Tributo Al Sonero Del Pueblo
      Prestame Tu Caballo
      Fuego A La Jicotea
      Vaso En Colores
      Pirata Del Mar
      El Jibaro Y
      La Naturaleza
      Soy Boricua
      Si Dios Me Quita La Vida
      Me Mata O Lo Mato Yo
      Al Son De La Lata
      La Picua
      La Buruquena De Doña Ines
      Son Son Charari
      Dos Soneros


       March 14,2005









     Monguito Santamaria “ En Una Nota!” Inca Records 1974


    A great production of pure sabor was released for all to enjoy. Monguito Santamaria (not to be confused with the Cuban singer Monguito El Unico) is the son of the immortal master conga player Mongo Santamaria. This was his last release under the Fania Record umbrella and well, what a way to go!  Enjoy the swinging mambos, cool Latin jazz, funky guajiras and so much more. In other words, enjoy it all!     


             Hot Tunes


    • Ne-Ne
      Devuelveme La Voz
      Oye Lo Que Digo
      Una Nota
      Ven A Guarachar
      Apariencia Na Ma
      Guajira En El Pueblo
      Arriverderci Roma








       Haila Mompie “Diferente” BIS Records 2005


       Ok, I’ve always claimed I was not a fan of “pop salsa” or romantic salsa or soft salsa or even soft timba music, but I have always loved hearing a great voice and Haila is awesome, sweet and mesmerizing. And that’s just putting it mildly. A little “pop” here, a little “pop” there, but most definitely all good, all the way around.  



         Hot Tunes


    • Solita - Merengue
      Como Voy A Decirte
      Esto Si Sabe A Cuba
      Quien Fue - Mereng
      Mi Alma Duele
      Solo Dime
      Soy La Mujer
      Voy A Salvar Mi Corazon
      Amor Dos Veces
      Mi Alma Duele

    March 21,2005







    Pedro Luis Ferrer “Rústico”
    Escondida  Records 2005


       WOW!  Can I say more, yep...Wow one hundred more times! Awesome release that should be on everyone's to get list. It would hurt your soul not to have this release in your collection. Could you stand that much pain, I didn't think so!



            Hot Tunes

    • Fundamento
      Ay, Mi Vidita
      Como Vivire, Mi Cholita?
      Maridos Majaderos
      Si Alguna Vez
      Changui Para La Pena
      La Cumbanchera
      Mi Camino
      Puchita Peliton
      Conga Vegetariana
      El Molino De Constantino
      Nana Para Un Suspiro





      Ritmo Caliente Orquesta  Todo Se Va Poder
    Ritmo Caliente Records 2005


    Kicking salsa from the West Coast, which is led by sax player, Juan Carlos Villaquiran is turned up all the way as it should be. This release will truly would increase the sabor flow in your blood stream. and in your stereo player

          Hot Tunes  

    • Richie Ray 4:44
      Un Monton De Estrellas 5:54
      Patricia 5:09
      Todo Se Va Poder 5:46
      Cantante De Cartel 4:32
      Te Vas De Mi 6:36
      Lo Tuyo Y Lo Mio 5:32
      Quiero Salsa 4:28
      Hipo E' Conejo 4:56
      Tumba Mambo 5:51








    Enrique Alvarez Y Su Charanga Latina

     Mi Violín Charanguero
    Ahi-Nama Records   Released 1998


    A hot release that is just too good not to pass up!  A mixture of Cuban timba and charanga tipica, with special guest violinist Alfredo de la Fe in the mix to further enhance the flavor within this release.



             Hot Tunes 

    • Mi Violin Changuero (Con Alfredo De La Fe)
      Extracto De La Natural
      De Corazón A Corazón
      Y Te Vas Conmigo
      Para Cochero
      Señora De Las 4 Décadas
      Sin Medida
      La Montaña
      Para Mi Santo


     March 28,2005





    Héctor Tricoche “Rumbero” DM RECORDS 2005

       Back is the word, as in sounding like he did when he sang lead vocals for Tommy Olivencia’s band during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Hector is a sonero and as smooth as whipped butter on this latest release. But don’t let the smoothness of his voice fool you, because these tunes are salsa tough enough to fill any dance floor.

                  HOT TUNES

    • Así La Quiero Yo
      Ella Tiene Algo
      Yo Sé Que Es Mentira
      Mi Vecina
      Sonero De Barrio
      Que Será?
      No Sabe Bien
      Yo Que Tú
      Como Da Vueltas La Vida



    Edgar Joel “Mi Lenguage Musical” DM Productions 2005,

     Hometown salsero who has always done Philly proud is back once more. This man from the h hard knock school of salsa knowledge, straight out of North Philly's “el barrio” has yet another monstrous re- release.  Filled with danceable tunes  makes this release too good to pass up. So what are  you waiting for?

               Hot Tunes  

    • Las Alas De Mi Corazon 4:24
      Pedazo De Vida 4:24
      Palabras Son Palabras 4:33
      Una Mentira Una Verdad 5:08
      Me Siento Atrapado 4:22
      Solitario 4:43
      Vendras 4:34
      Despedida 4:45
      Luna 4:32
      No Lo Vuelvo Hacer 4:20





    Ismael Rivera Y Su Cachimbos - De Colores
    Tico  Records 1968

    El Sonero Mayor is awesome as always. But then ,would you have expected less. “Agitando” smokes as a mambo. Yep I said mambo, you can hear the influence of Rafael Cortijo, but also New York’s mambo influence as well. A late 1960’s release that still fills the dance floor today.    

    Hot Tunes

    • De Colores
      Los Cazadorez
      King Kong
      Lo Dice La Luna
      El Dificil Facil
      Magoo's Boogaloo
      Super Raton
      Ismael Y Monchito

        April 4, 2005






    Tipica '73 Inca Records 1974 "Tipica 73- 200” 

     Awesome second release, from the band that was formed as a result of the revolution against Ray Barretto’s band of the early 1970’s, and lead by timbalero Orestes Vitalo keeps this “tipica” in well form and fired up.  “Amalia Batista” smokes like a forest fire in full blaze.    

            Hot Tunes    

    ·        Asi No Se Quiere A Nadie 3:48
    Olvida El Pasado
    A Mi Que
    Where Is The Love 3:36
    Amalia Batista 4:54
    Rumba Y Guaguanco 5:21
    Carahuico 3:35
    Si Te Tuviera 4:03


     Tito Rodriguez Jr “Curious” TR Records 1976

     This album is coming out on CD very soon, and my advice is to get it the minute it hits the record stores. Why? Two great reasons:  First, it is the first release and first time that Jose Alberto “El Canario” records on an album. Second, this release slams harder that a sledgehammer down on a piece of concrete.  It is salsa tough all the way, and even throws in a few mambos here and there. Listen to “Oye Mi Son” and hear the progressive swing of the mambo. “Sabor Criollo” says it all as far as moving a moving salsa tune goes.

               Hot Tunes  

    2. CANTANDO VOY 5:59
    3. OYE MI SON 5:18
    4. CANCELA 5:10
    5. SABOR CRIOLLO 5:27
    6. YA NO LLORES 4:36
    7. SANTERITA 4:56




      David Pabón “Desde Hoy” Codiscos 2005

     Classic salsero from the mid 1980's  since his days with Max Torres Jr is still going strong. A little bit of soft salsa, but his voice stands strong through it all. There's nice tunes in here so I recommend it for those who enjoy the softer side of salsa.

            Hot Tunes

    • Pobre De Él
      Mi Todo Tú
      Desde Hoy
      Tres Veces No
      La Mujer Que Me Domina
      Vamos A Tener Que Querernos Mas
      Como No Voy A Quererte

      April 11, 2005




    Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez “El Rey”
    Fania Records 1990

    What can you say, it’s El Conde and he has to be nothing less than pure sabor. Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez will always be remembered for his strong, deep, powerful voice and of course the natural “swing” of his own personal touch of sabor. If you are a collector of salsa music, or even if you just enjoy salsa, then this is an all time must have release. Get it and enjoy it to your dancing heart’s content.  

            Hot tunes:

    • Que Te Pedi 4:52
      Yo Quiero Ser 4:35
      Hipocrita 4:56
      Reliquias 6:48
      Yo Soy El Rey 4:48
      La Rumba Es Mia 4:47
      Rie 5:15
      Gandules 6:35



    Tito Rojas Y El Conjunto Borincano
    TTH  Records 1980

    Let’s make sure we don’t confuse this with Conjunto Boricuba, the band that Justo Bentancourt left Tito Rojas in charge of, no Boricano was a smoking band. Charged energy that Tito Rojas incorporated from his mentor, Justo Bentancourt is what this release is all about. Do you need further proof then go through the tunes and hear how they will have you dancing all over the place. Whew, if this release doesn’t move you, you must be made of stone.

             Hot Tunes:

    • El Vendedor Que No Fia
      Huye Pa'Ya
      Dile La Verdad
      Con Velo Y Corona
      Miedo Me Da
      Mejor Que Siempre
      A La Montaña


         April 18, 2005





      Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez  ‘Fiesta Con El Conde ’   Fana Records 1982

     Top notch swing from Pete El Conde Rodriguez designed to sway many to that swinging Latin beat called “salsa.”  This is a real smooth salsa classic release that has moving tunes like Pastorcillo and Fiesta con El Conde that will  you from the inside out.  Check out this vintage sound and enjoy it for yourself.

              Hot Tunes:

    • Pastorcillo
      Cuando Tu Te Marches
      Tu Rumba
      Punto Bare
      Fiesta En El Barrio


    Willie Rosario “Atizame El Fogon”
    TH Records 1983  

       Well, it’s Willie Rosario so would you expect no less than a pure swinging salsa sound?  This is the second release in which Gilberto Sta. Rosa was the featured vocalist, although Tony Vega held his own, and Bobby Concepcion was becoming more of a background vocalist in the band and on the recordings. This was an interesting era for Willie’s band, because his top two vocalists, Junior Toledo and Guillo Rivera decided to go at it on their own (check out the release “Se Fugaron” on Peformance Records)  so Willie Rosario experimented with different singing stiles to make up for the lost  of his former top guns. In 1983, his final experiment was the use of 23 years old Gilberto Sta. Rosa, 23 year old Tony Vega and the veteran Bobby Concepcion (28 years old) on vocals. After 1983, Bobby Concepcion left the band, and what was left was what many considered to be the “dynamic duo” of salsa vocalists, Tony Vega & Gilberto Sta. Rosa. The rest as they say is salsa history. Now you know how the seed was planted. Check out a part of salsa history for yourself, buy this classic release and enjoy.    

               Hot Tunes: 

    • Atizame El Fogon
      Cuando Vuelvas A Quereme
      No Me Vuelvo A Postular
      Negrita Linda
      Mala Mujer
      El Plato Roto
      Mia Nada Mas



    Pablo Perez & “The Pablo Perez Project”

    Papi Chulo Records 2005

       Ok, Pablo, of the Pablo Perez Project is from Trenton NJ, the singer Miguel Orlando is from Wilmington De, and the common midpoint in between both is Philadelphia Pa, which is where the sound is coming from. Miguel Orlando has strong ties to the Philadelphia Salsa scene, vocalizing for various local bands and paying his dues with the most humble respect for all those bands that gave him a chance to shine. Now, the hard work is paying off, and the “Pablo Perez Project” is proof of that. Sweet salsa sounds come out and leave you with a desire to dance from the first track to the last. Get yourself a heaping spoonful (or as we say in espanol, un cucharon- a big spoon’s worth) of pure “sabor” and feast to your heart’s content.     

             Hot Tunes:

    ·         En Mi Soledad
    Quierela Mas Que Yo
    Nuestro Encuentro
    La Respuesta

    April 25,2005






       Ng La Banda  “Oye Siiii...” Pacific Music, 2004

     Cubas best is still at it and sounding stronger that ever. Timba, Salsa, and Cha Cha Chas make up the vegetables in this soup of “puro sabor.”  Ever since their presence first rocked Cuba with their vibrant music, NG has always been a musical force to be reckoned with and not taken lightly. Strap on, hold tight and get ready to be moved every way possible.

            Hot Tunes:

    • Camarón 3:53
      Baila Conmigo 4:07
      Samba De Amalphi 3:34
      Un Bolero 3:15
      Santa Palabra 6:41
      Y Si Mañana 4:13
      El Abuso 5:06
      My Heart Will Go On
      El Papi
      Si Yo Tuviera 20
      El Cumbanchero 3:04
      Ave Maria 3:54






    Conjunto Candela “Conjunto Candela, Vol. 2”
    Combo Records, Released 1977

    Classic sound from the past that is as smooth as butter. Take a trip into the 70’s style of salsa and feel the hip, cool energy of that era. “Negro Cimarron” is a strong dose that will definitely cure any lack of “salsa desire” you may have. Get it, spin it and enjoy the ride.

                Hot Tunes:

    ·         Negro Cimarron
    Guaracha Inmortal
    Mi Son
    Goya Esta Bailando
    A Los Santos
    Vecina Ten Cuidado
    Gozaremos De Verdad

    May 2, 2005




    Ismael Miranda “Edicion Especial”  Sony 2005

     Man, oh man, does life get any better than this? Well, for Ismael Miranda, it can’t because he has recorded this release with the cream of the salsa singers’ crop. Gilberto Sta. Rosa, Andy Montanez, Tito Nieves, Domingo Quinones are just some of the diamonds on this brass ring of a release. Hot, could not even begin to describe it, but caution:  wear oven mitts just in case. 

                  Hot Tunes: 

    • Se Fue Y Me Dejó (Acompañado De Andy Montañez Y Cheka) 4:06
      La Voz De La Experiencia (Acompañado De Domingo Quiñones) 4:45
      Eterno Niño Bonito (Acompañado De Tito Nieves Y Gilberto Santa Rosa) 5:14
      Somos Tal Para Cual (Acompañado De Milly Quezada) 4:47
      Volver A Ver A Un Viejo Amigo (Acompañado De Chucho Avellanet) 3:58
      Más 4:51
      Los Buenos Amigos 4:47
      Buenas O Mala (Acompañado De Cheo Feliciano) 4:35





    Celia Cruz con Sonora Matancera  ‘Feliz Encuentro’Barbaro Records 1982.

    Talk about close encounter of the best kind, a reunion that made history, was the talk of the town in 1982. The release was a mambo, rumba and salsa terror. Listen to “Lamento De Amor” and feel the intensity of this band, or should I say full force orchestra that carries Celia so smoothly as though she had never left them.  Get a piece of history by owing this treasured gem.      

                   Hot Tunes: 

    • Feliz Encuentro 5:06
      Mayor 4:46
      El Becerrito
      Camiño Para Volver 4:56
      Tierra Prometida 4:08
      Herencia Aficana 4:29
      Lamento De Amor 4:29
      Celia Y La Matancera 5:09


    May 9th, 2005




    Willie Sotelo Y La Mundial De La Salsa ‘Hijos De La Salsa Gorda’
    Envidia  Records 2005

     Super hot release, that doesn’t even give you time to breathe in the credits on the CD cover. Luisito Carrion lights up this fuse along with others that merely causes a salsa explosion all over the place. So wear goggles and a hard hat when playing this release because you will blow the walls down without a doubt!

                              Hot Tunes:  

    • Herencia (Palmieri's Legacy) - Cantan: Mel Martinez, Josué Rosado (voz En Diana) 4:52
      Yo Lo Coloco Yella Lo Quita - Canta: Luisito Carrion 4:08
      Una Salsita - Canta: Osvaldo Roman 4:26
      La Cuenta - Canta: Mel Martinez 4:08
      A Martin Santiago: Vasos En Colores; La Bruquena; Fuego A La Jicotea 5:07
      Son De La Mundial - Cantan: Luisito Carrion, Osvaldo Roman, Mel Martinez 4:10
      El Diviorcio - Canta: Osvaldo Roman 3:56
      Mi Cosita - Canta: Luisito Carrion 3:18
      Me Saludas A La Tuya - Canta: Choco Orta 3:32
      Colombia Prueba De Acero - Canta: Luisito Carrion 3:51





    Ray Barretto “ Barretto” Fania  Records 1975

    Ban Ban Quere, ban , ban…an African chant that says it all! And then add in Tito Gomez and Ruben Blades and you have one powerful force-Barretto style. Imagine, Adalberto Santiago and Justo Betancourt both turned down Ray’s offer to record on this release and so Tito Gomez was added into the mix, and well, a salsa salad could not have been better prepared.  

               Hot Tunes

    ·         Guarare 5:35
    Vine Pa
    ' Echar Candela 5:48
    Eso Es Amar 4:16
    Ban Ban Quere 5:30
    Vale Mas Un Guaguanco 4:18
    Testigo Fui 4:56
    El Presupuesto 4:28
    Canto Abacua 8:16


       May 16th, 2005





          Vitin Aviles    « En La Playa » WS Latino  Records 1966

        An album produce by good friend, Tito Rodriguez, on the West Side Latino label is filled with killer mambos, guaguancos and smooth as silk boleros (ballads). Vitin Aviles went on to further heighten his career by recording with Charlie Palmieri the super hit “La Hija De Lola during the early 1970’s.”  But, prior to that, were several releases on the West Side Latino label that showed the strong stuff Vitin had in his arsenal of pure sabor. Many musicologists believe that this release was very progressive for it’s time, and I agree because it would fit in quite well today. Filling any dance floor would be an ease with this release in your collection.  And for the non-DJs, it would fit neatly into your collection, but I doubt if it will be gathering any dust anytime soon.   

    An album               Hot Tunes: 

    • ·         Cao Cao Mani Picao 2:56
      Vendre Por Ti 3:08
      Baila Rumbero 2:22
      Chiquita Bonita 2:45
      La Puerta 2:21
      El Jamaiquino
      Ritmo De Puerto Rico 2:40
      Asi Es La Vida 2:40
      Pa'Lante 2:16 




       Franklin Veloz “A Bailar La Rumba” - Featuring Alfredo Rodriguez- Nextmusic Records 2005

     Here is something that has the same intensity as those Salsa Mayor and Dimension Latina Orquestras from the late 1970’s (both bands- post Oscar Deleon and pre- Andy Montanez vocals with the band –era.) So, by comparison, you get the idea that this band is just as tough. Add in Cuban pianist maestro Alfredo Rodriguez and you have one mean release that will surely scorch your CD player till it melts. And for you DJs, it will fill the dance floor as quickly as you crack open that first hot tune from this fiery release.  Enjoy!


             Hot Tunes: 


    • A Bailar La Rumba (Album Version) 6:57
      Sin Mi Bomba Me Muero 4:58
      Manipulación Genetica 4:31
      Antologia Del Son (Medley): El Reloj De Pastora, Quimbombo,

    • Componte Canallon, El Guayo De Catalina 7:19
      Les Feuilles Mortes 4:39
      A Bailar La Rumba (Single Version) 3:38
      Mambique 4:23
      Handy 4:09
      Cuando Se Canta Bonito 6:55


           May 23, 2005



    Sublime “Simplemente Sublime” SAR Records 1980

    Swinging charanga sound with tough violins and powerful melodies moves like a twirling hurricane of pure sabor. “Masita de Pollo” is one jamming tune amongst the other fiery arrangements. If you love charanga, or want to know how sweet charanga music is, then this release is for you.

               Hot Tunes:

    • La Rebelion De Mayo
      Preparen Candela
      Que Lindo El Campo
      El Vendedor Que No Fia
      Masitas De Pollo
      Pruebe Este Tono


    Orquesta La Grande  ‘We Love NY’   Solo Records1978

     - Ok, imagine being 16 years old and you already have the reputation of being labeled a ‘sonero’ and this reputation has carried beyond the island of Puerto Rico. Well, back in 1978, a 16 year kid got that reputation and was being recruited by bands outside of Puerto Rico. Fortunately, he had parents who upheld strong family values. Parents who made the 16 year old kid come straight home after rehearsal and after each gig.   Oh, by the way, the 16 year old kid’s name: Gilberto Sta. Rosa. This release was the second band that Gilberto recorded with (the first was when he was 14, with Mario Ortiz’s Orquesta.) Just like on Mario’s release, on La Grande’s “We love NY” Gilberto not only sang co-lead vocals, but arranged some of the songs as well. “El Ambiente” and “Tu Indiferencia” are lightning bolt strike you down to the ground AWESOME! And both songs were arranged by this 16 year old kid. Man, Wow and more wow on top of that.  Unfortunately, as of this date, this release is not on CD, only LP and a true collector’s item. I just had to write and review this release, for several reasons, historical factor and the factor that listening to this 16 year old kid on this 1978 release, there is no doubt why he is called “El Caballero De La Salsa.”  A classy yet powerful release without a doubt and should this ever come out on CD, grab it quick!

         Hot Tunes


    • Satisfaccion

    • Lamento Del Nuevo Dia

    • Delincuente

    • El Ambiente

    • El Trabajador

    • La Busqueda De La Verdad

    • Inmenso Vacio

    • Tu Indifrencia

     Latin Tempo “Sangre Nueva” International Records

      = Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot release!  Ok, get the point! Now just go get it!  How’s that for a review!

            Hot hot hot hot tunes:

    • Cantando Vivire
      Te Traigo Mi Son Cubano
      Sonaremos El Tambo
      Hoy Conprendi
      El Viejo Engome
      Quien Sabe, Sabe
      Raro Y Sabroso Montuno
      Nave Sin Rumbo
      La Humanidad


       May 30, 2005




       Pedro Brull “Pronósticos”   Caminaldo Discos  2005

       Ok, he is only one of my all time favorite singers who has such a powerful voice, and now with his first time only solo release.  Can “WOW” say it all, probable not, but it does come close enough. “Senora Trizteza” is a mesmerizing tune as any tune can be. And everything else fits just right on this release. It you are a fan of the group ORQUESTA MULENZE, then this release is just up your alley. As always, enjoy it to the max! 

                   Hot Tune: 

    • El Malo De La Pelicula
      Esperando Que Vuelvas
      Todo Lo Haria Por Ti

    • Pronósticos
      Señora Tristeza
      Tiempo No Corras
      Asi Gordito Me Quieren



      Orquesta Inmensidad “Un Nuevo Amanecer”

      Fania Records 2005


     It has been a long time since this group has recorded and I personally have considered their first release (Alegria on Barbaro Records 1983) the best out of all of their releases, but this one is actually pretty good. It still has that “gooey soft salsa sound,” but then again, that’s has always been Orquesta Inmensidad’s trademark. If you still like your salsa a little on the “mushy”  side, then get ready to slobber up your CD player, because this one is definitely for you.             

             Hot Tunes:  

    • Quise Ser Luz
      El Politico
      Cancion De Un Padre
      En Cada Cosa
      Hache Y Machete
      Un Monton De Estrellas

    June 6, 2005





     RICO RECORDS 1986  

     Second release from the second group that Johnny Rivera sang lead vocals with (first one was Los Rodriguez), but this was the group that put Johnny Rivera on the map as a salsa super star. Turn up the volume and let loose this classic jam of pure sabor !  “El Viajero” will kick any tune to the curb without mercy! And that’s just one of the many hot tunes in this fired up release.

                Hot Tunes:  

    • Nadie Se Muere De Amor
    • No Pierdo Las Esperanzas
    • Plaza Vacante
    • Cali- 450 Anos
    • Tu Guarachita
    • Tiempo De Ayer
    • El Viajero
    • Bandolera  



    Justo Betancourt “Lo Sabemos” Fania 1975

     The spice of life and then add in some salsa and you got yourself one mean release. And so you have it in a nutshell, Justo Betancourt is one bad singer, and a topnotch sonero to boot, plus his arranged tunes are always of such high caliber power. What more can I say, oh yeah, go buy this classic release!  

               Hot Tunes: 

    • Como Lo Canto Yo
      Lo Sabemos
      De Mi Para Puerto Rico
      Mi Engaño Y Tu
      Demuestrame Que Tu Sabes
      Me Tienes Que Recordar
      Cambia Palo Pa Rumba


      June 13, 2005



    B  Bacheo “El Chuchú Del Viejo” Performance 2005

    Bad to the bone Latin Jazz Salsa release that is definitely no joke.  And straight from Puerto Rico, the land of Giovanni Hidalgo, Endel Dueno and other highly noted musicians, so this release is pouring pure criollo flavor to say the least. Check your self a heaping spoonful of Bacheo and feel the movement all the way down to your little toes! Bacheo is strong medicine for the aching salsa heart and hungry Latin Jazz soul !     

             Hot Tunes: 

    • La Rumba De Eleguá
      El Cuchuú
      Del Viejo
      Thelonius Latin Blue
      Michell Forever
      Bodas De Oro
      Jazz En San Millán
      Santa Barbara - Que Viva Changó




     Mercadonegro “Salsa Pa'l Mundo Entero”
    Bibomusic 2005

    Better than their first release, and hotter than the sizzle of a bar-b-q’d pork chop, is the best way to describe this new CD from Mercadonegro. Every tune is made for the dance floor as well as the desire to raise the volume on your stereo system.

             Hot Tunes

    ·         La Bendicion 4:33
    La Guarachara De Cuba 4:38
    Jamas 4:39
    Llego La Hora 4:52
    A Los Orishas 4:51
    Pa'l Calao 4:42
    Por Una Noche Contigo 4:32
    La Malanga 4:17
    Yo Soy El Son 4:43
    El Negro 4:21
    Tu Me Gustas 4:33
    Aqui Está Mercadonegro 4:28





     6/ 27/05









    Classic salsa that has yet to be released on CD, but MAN, WHEN IT DOES, WATCH OUT! Azuquita on the vocals does this album justice to the max!

    Listen to “Aunque No Tengo Dinero” and hear the moving mambo take to another level. When it comes out on CD, pick it up real quick.


            Hot Tunes      





    4.        A GOLPE DE TIMBAL

    5.        PANAMA’S BOOGALOO

    6.        EL GUAPO

    7.        RITMO MELLON

    8.        LIVE IT UP

    9.        LO QUE SEA

    10.     COOL JERK












       Machito And His Afro-CubansFireworks”  Musical Productions

    If you are going to review something of the fourth of July then it has to be appropriate that it be something intensifying hot, and “Fireworks” is hot. Imagine, one of the best vocalists in our lifetime along side with the father of modern day dance music. If not for Machito, mambo would not have been placed on the map, and if no Machito and his energy, then no ti Rodriguez, Willie Rosario and no salsa as we hear and dance to it today! This is an absolute must have release without a doubt! If you don’t own this release, then you are not a salsa lover, a fanatic about salsa! So what more can I say, oh yeah, go out and get it!

             Hot Tunes:

    • Mi Ritmo Llego
      Despierta Boricua
      Guaguanco A Mexico
      No Seras Para Mi
      Soy Salsero




          July 11, 2005




         Luisito Rosario"Rumba Del Barrio - Con Salsa Dura"   Fuentes Records 2005

     Former vocal  of Grupo Caribe does his own thing again with even stronger vibes than his first release. It is a knock out of a release that will leave you weary in the end for it is taking no prisoners!

             Hot Tunes

    • Rumba Del Barrio 4:23
      Son Pá Puerto Rico 5:21t 
    • Salsa Buena 4:34
      1-800-Quiéreme 4:03
    • El Guiso 4:10
      Homenaje A Celia Cruz 3:50
      Camina Ahora 4:08
      Mi Rico Mambo 4:46
      Mala Mujer 4:28
      No Me Lo Nieges 4:53
      1-800-Quiéreme (Remix) 5:01



       July 18, 2005






     Arturo O'Farrill Noche Inolvidable (An Unforgettable Night)

    – Latin Jazz At Lincoln Center's Palmetto Records 2005

    Holy smokes what an awesome release! And yes, I am not a fan of live recordings but this one rocks some heavy duty sabor! Featured vocalists Herman Olivera and Claudia Acuna tear up the salsa/mambo and ballads tunes oh so tough. And in the mix, there is Arturo O’Farrill, son of all time great Latin jazz & mambo pianist /arranger, Chico O’Farrill following quite well in his father’s footsteps as he leads a superior all star band. Fire up the CD player and let this killer release burn like there is no tomorrow.  

             Hot Tunes:  

    • Havana Special 3:18
      Buscando La Melodia 6:42
      Somos Novios 3:19
      Estoy Como Nunca 3:22
      Volver A Los 17 5:59
      Encantado De La Vida 3:19
      Enseñame Tu & Piensalo Bien 9:56
      Pianarabatibiri 2:50
      Corazon Rebelde 6:27
      La Ley Del Guaguanco 3:44
      Mi Amor Fugaz 2:42
      Don Fulano 3:06
      Avisale A Mi Contrario 5:07





     July 25,2005





    Bobby Rodriguez Y La Compañia "Latin from Manhattan" Vaya Records 1978

     Swinging release that sort of pays tribute to Bobby’s older brother Ray Rodriguez (check out his CD/LP entitled “Delusion” released in 1969 on Alegre Records) and you understand that musical talent runs strong in this family.

             Hot Tunes:

    • Latin from Manhattan 3:04
      Midnight 5:00
      Cielito Lindo 5:06
      Siete Mujeres 3:53
      Mi Son Es Un Vasilon 4:10
      Recuerdos De Mi Infancia 3:46
      Del Bario 7:18
      Hoy Daria Yo La Vida 4:49
      Negra Sabrosura 5:22




     August 1st, 2005






    Orlando Valle "Maraca" Y Otra Vision  Ahi-Nama Records 2005


    Cuban salsa at it’s best! Maraca kicks up some serious stuff whenever he releases a CD and this latest one is no exception.  Listen to “Soy Yo” or “A Cualquiera Le Toca” and you’ll see what I mean. Intense is just putting it mildly, but hear it for your self,  and you will agree that this is one mean product that was definitely made to rock more than the house with pure sabor! 


             Hot Tunes: 

    • Llévame Con Tu Babalao
      Paloma Blanca
      Soy Yo
      A Cualquiera Le Toca
      María Rosa
      Estrella De Amor
      Yo Si Sé
      Sígueme Si Puedes

    • Se Te Va La Vida
      Quién Se La Llevará
      Tú Verá Va' A Ver
      Soy Yo (Reggaeton Remix)










    Don Perignon  ‘La Buena Vida’  TTH  Records 1989


       This is the release where Victor Manuelle got his start. He was recommended to Don Perignon by Gilberto Sta Rosa after Gilberto heard Victor croon for him by jumping up on stage while Gilberto was performing at a club in the Bronx. It pays to be at the right place at the right time. This release also features Luisito Carrion, one of the baddest soneros from Puerto Rico. Listen to “La Fuga” and you’ll see what I mean. Scoop up a taste of history and feel a future sonero salsa superstar come to be. And just in case you are wondering, Luisito ain’t that bad either.


             Hot Tunes:

    • Fuga 4:10
      Disimula 5:41
      Amante A La Antigua 4:06
      La Isla 4:32
      Me Vuelves Loco 5:10
      Hoy Quiero Confesar 4:30
      Independiente 4:41
      Este Fin De Semana 5:13

      August 8, 2005





    THE NEW YORK SEXTET  " Recordando Los Sextetos" (2005)


    DIEGO GALE is back again with a fiery release that reminds us of the era of Joe Cuba, Joe Loco and all those other vibe lead sextets of the 1960's. Kicking production that does not step back for anything!

    I hope you have a fire extinguisher handy when you play your copy.


           Hot tunes:

    • Coco Seco
      Vestida De Blanco
      Pancha Caridad
      Corazón De Araña Negra
      Salsa Ahí Na' Má
      Ni Tilingo, Ni Titingo
      La Cárcel
      El Chichón
      Yo Vine Pa' Ve
      La Ley
      Tosta'o Y Cola'o



    August 15, 2005









      Adalberto Alvarez Y Su Son  ‘Mi Linda Habanera’ BIS  Records 2005

     Man o man, talk about a hot release! This is Cuban salsa as Cuban salsa is supposed to sound like. And not timba, which is what folks make the mistake of calling “Cuban salsa.”  Adaberto Alverez like Yumuri, takes his music seriously and the proof is in the selected arrangements within this release.  Grab hold of a chair or something to hold you down if you don’t feel like dancing because this release will make want to dance. It’s Cuban, it is salsa and it is a heavy dose of strong medicine for the salsa dancer in all of us. Get yourself feeling better fast with this latest release. Here, I’ll write you a prescription, just take it to your local Latin music record store to get it filled out.  

              Hot Healing tunes:

    • Mi Linda Habanera
      Lección De Amor
      Un Pariente En El Campo
      Ella Es Una Abusadora
      Pregúntame Como Estoy
      Somos Tú Y Yo
      ¿Y Qué Tú Quieres Que Te Den?



      August 22, 2005







      Paquito Hechavarría “Cool Latin Jazz” Kubaney Records 1957

    Paquito Hechavarria has history to say the least. Just in case you thought he started with that release called “Piano” a few years ago, well, think again. He has been involved in Latin music for over half a century and his influence has been felt all over the Latin music map.  “Cool Latin Jazz” is just a little bit more than “cool”, no wait, it is a lot more than “cool.” It is one hot classic and historical release!  

              HOT TUNES:

    • Tumbao Paco
      Si Dios Fuera Negro
      Mambru Descarga (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      What I Did For Love
      Orfeo Negro
      Descarga A Nelson
      Chorus Line
      Mañana De Carnaval
      Yo Soy Un Barco (El Barco)
      Drume Negrita (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      El Collar De Clodomiro
      Conga Descarga (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      Almendra (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      A Mil
      Descarga En Sax (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      La Pachanga (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      Bodas De Oro (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      Descarga Para Piano Y Trompeta (Rolando Aguilo y Sus Estrellas)
      On The Radio



           August 29,2005










    Eguie Castrillo & His Orchestra "Palladium Tradition" Coyeyo Records 2005

     Mambo flavored Latin Jazz all over the place in this very tough release. If you like your Latin Jazz with heavy swing and an overdose of “sabor” then you’ve come to the right spot. Saturated with a little fire and fury, this release will bend your soul all around and make you enjoy it. So, what’s the hold up, get yourself a copy real quick so you can know what I’m talking about for yourself. 

             HOT TUNES:

    • Intro 0:14
      Caribe 4:03
      Nutville 5:21
      I Call Your Name 5:11
      Yeah 4:24
      Con Calma 3:10
      Medley Boleros 8:11
      Palo Yaya 5:36
      Scoot'n 6:57



    September 5, 2005




     German Villarreal “Mambo Big Band - Con Permiso De Mis Mayores” JG Records 2005

       Holy Smokes, what a killer release this is! Direct from Colombia with “mucho sabor” in tribute to the legends of the Palladium era, each track packs a punch designed to leave you floored! What just hit your CD player was a slamming knockout blow! Oh wait you don’t have this release yet. Sounds like something you need to get right away!

              Hot Tunes:  

    • Tibiri Tabara
      Fantasia Cubana
      Cuando Te Vea
      Maracaibo Oriental
      Son Para Un Sonero
      Me Gusta Boogaloo
      En Rincon
      Chango Ta Beni
      Ran Kan Kan



     September 12,2005




    Eddie Palmieri “Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso”
    Alegre Records 1964

    Eddie Palmieri, a master piano player for over five decades, shows the hardcore roots of his mambo heritage. “Lo que traigo es sabroso” justs shows how far ahead La Perfecta was in comparison to other bands at that time. Competing with the Big 3 (Puente, Rodriguez and Machito) during the 1960’s was no easy task, but Palmieri’s band stood up to the challenge and was a respected young rival to those living mambo legends.  Take a piece of mambo history for yourself to enjoy and dance the night away.

             Hot Tunes

    • Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso (Mambo)
      Baila Guaguanco (Guaguanco)
      Criticona (Cha Cha Cha)
      Bomba Del Corazon (Bomba)
      Muñeca (Guaracha)
      Reparto Hornos (Son Montuno)
      No Hay Mal Que Por Bien No Venga (Guaracha)
      Verdad Amarga (Bolero)
      Descarga Palmieri (Descarga)

        Sept 19,2005




     Where the heck did this release come from, because it is burning hot! Starting from the first track and sizzling all the way to the very last, this release leaves no room to breathe. Cuban salsa designed to put you on the dance floor without hesitation or without mercy.

              HOT TUNES

    • Negrito Bailador 6:13
      So Yo Fuera Dios 4:24
      Y Sigo Buscando 5:37
      Bembé 4:28
      Llévala A Tu Vacilón 5:26
      El Tono Que Traigo Yo 5:29
      Llegó La Hora 5:35
      Rumbero Enamorado 5:58
      Música 5:58


       Sept 26,2005 





    If you don’t know it by now, Mulenze is one of my all time favorite salsa bands so to find out

    that this release is out on CD was fantastic to say the least. I like this release and recommend it highly.

    Classic Puerto Rican salsa at its’ best!


            HOT TUNES:

    • Loco De La Vida 4:36 
      Es Al Amor Que Llega
      No Hay Preguntas 4:28
      Contra Viento Y Marea 4:42
      Zumba Con Mi Rumba 4:42
      Mi Tremendo Caso 4:38
      A Dormir Afuera 5:00


       Oct 3,2005




              EL NINO JESUS “ EL NINO RODIGIO DEL SON”  2005

    Hot release that is definitely made to raise the flavorof sabor on your stereo system to another level. Expect to be fueled with enough energy to keep you dancing all night long.



                HOT TUNES:


    • De Ti Me Enamore
      La Fe
      Tierra Lejana
      Mi Son Cubano
      El Palito
      Siempre Me Dices Que Te Marchas
      Chiquilla Barrendera


       Oct 10, 2005






    Puerto Rican salsa that proves once more that there is nothing like salsa from La Isla Del Encanto!

    This release is nuclear and set to explode all over your stereo system. I found every track  worth listening to, as every one kept me in tune.

    And I know it will do the same for you!



            HOT TUNES:


    • Homicidio Del Amor 4:18
      El Protagonista 5:46
      Pent Up House 5:19
      Bandolera 5:06
      Hoy Termina Nuestro Amor 4:27
      Contigo Valgo Un Millon 4:36
      Beautiful Love 4:42


      Oct 17,2005




    Although not yet on CD, this release is definitely worth talking about. Classic salsa release that is nothing short of being super nova hot. If this ever comes out on CD, snatch it up real quick, because it will be worth the purchase.  


       Hot Tunes:

    1. Pollito Chicken
    2. El Guapo
    3. Defiende Tu
    4. El Cartero
    5. Dulce Sabor
    6. La Comay
    7. Sinceridad
    8. El Jibaro


      October 24,2005





    Salsa Sudada”  Osagaji Records – 1990

    This is simply awesome. Isidro Infante is an outstanding piano player and arranger and this release is the total proof of his all abounding talent as a musician. It features amongst others, Adalberto Santiago and Herman Oliveras plus Melchochita on vocals. The tunes are tough, as only Isidro could have arranged them. Treat yourself to an overdose of “pure sabor” and you’ll definitely stayed hook on this classic salsa release.

          Hot Tunes: 

    • Salsa Sudada
      El Piojo
      Santo Militar Y Montuno
      La Aguja
      Boricua, Rumbero, Salsero
      Celia, Cosa Valienta
      Valle Plateado De Salsa
      Guarda Tus Lagrimas


      October 31,2005



    Larry Harlow “Asi Soy Yo” Musical Productions Released 1981

    With Gary Carrion on the vocals, this has to be the best Larry Harlow release outside of “Salsa” on Fania Records 1973. “Banderita” is a sinister tune that is designed to make you dance. And “Asi Soy Yo” is everything you want in a song to move you. I like ALL the tunes and Gary Carrion carries them every one of them extremely well.     

          Hot Tunes:  

    • Banderita
      El Quincallero
      Consejos De Mi Abuela
      El Preparao
      Asi Soy Yo
      El Paquetero
      Solo Sin Amigos
      Un Tipo Liberado

    November 7,2005




    Tito Sierra “La Nueva Ley” Sabor Musical Records 2005


    WOW! Super Hot release sent straight from the frying pan straight to the fire to make it even hotter. I received this release about three weeks before it was made available to the public and told a few good salseros (true-blue salsa lovers,fanatics) to watch out for this release when it comes out because it is a killer release. This coming from Florida, the land of the hurricanes, and just like those hurricanes, this release will blow you away. No charanga here, just straight up hard salsa and latin jazz designed to kick the competition to the curb. 


         Hot Tunes:

    • La Ley Del Timbal 4:20
      Un Poquito Loco 3:32
      Termómetro De Amor 4:06
      Adentro De Tú Corazón 4:18
      Silver Trail Mambo 5:43
      El Infiel 3:39
      Amarte A Escondidas 4:12
      Desesperado 4:04
      Desesperado (Bolero)
      Rumba Pa' Glen 9:02


    November 14,2005




    Louie Ramirez

      Tipico” WS Latino Records 1973

    It would be hard to argue against the fact that this is one of the best of Louie Ramirez’s releases ever. There are far too many great cuts in this release to not give it the proper recognition it deserves. “Tipico, Feo Como El Oso & Sabroso Guanguanco” are so sizzling hot that they literally dare you into dancing.  Man, back in the day, this release was charging up the airwaves and the dance floors, and 32 years later, it still does!     

             HOT TUNES

    • Tipico
      Everybody Knows
      Tocoloro (Tocoro)
      Perro Que Ladra
      Feo Como
      El Oso
      Sabroso Guaguancó
      Caminanate Y Labori

    • Miénteme
      Plena De San Antón
      La Tierra Da



    November 21,2005




    Ray Barretto “Guajira Y Guaguancó”  Tico Records 1964

    WOW!!!!!!!! If the power of the sun could be put into a recording, then this all time classic release would be it! It marks an important time in Ray Barretto’s career. He switched gears and changed up from a charanga band to a conjunto. He also raised the level and intensity of his music. While charanga is a sweet and mellower rhythm of Latin music, guanguanco is more incinerating, and Barretto stopped competing with Johnny Pacheco, Charlie Palmieri and all the other charanga bands in New York and from Cuba, by switching to this more intensifying sound and it paid off in a big way. “Swing La Moderna” is an assassin of a tune. The arrangement is a definite killer and a surefire way to get folks on the dance floor. Who says change isn’t good? Hmmm, switching from a charanga band to a place in history, not a bad decision after all!       

              Hot Tunes

    • Swing La Moderna 4:10
      Errante Y Bohemio 4:28
      Nature Boy 2:39
      El Quinto 1:53
      Guajira Guantanamera 2:30
      La Moderna Llego 3:01
      Guajira Soul 2:10
      Guaguanco Bonito 4:16
      Ska Cha (The Thing To Do)
      Los Cueros

    November 28,2005


       Belmonte & His Afro Latin 7 "Olé!"  Lideres Records 1976

    This is a hard hitting Latin dance band that features Larry Harlow, Nicky Marrero, Orestes Vilato, Eddie Gua-Gua Rivera, Frank Rodriguez, Pablo Rosario and Harry Viggiano. It is all instrumental and all smoking!  


           Hot Tunes:

    • Maria Bonita
      Capullito De Aleli
      Pancho Piloncho
      Peanut Vendor
      Mambo Mongo
      Wachi Wada
      Philadelphia Mambo


    December 5 thru December 26,2005







    Here’s something to tempt your soul and fire up all the burners, two recordings by Machito y su Afrocubanos with same title, released 10 years apart and the newer one was not a re-release! Each one has its’ own fiery sound designed to move you to the dance floor. If you love mambos, then both of these releases are for you. Check out “Que Bonito Es Puerto Rico,” “Chango Ta Beni” “El Piraguero” or “Los Bailadores” and you won’t be disappointed. After all it is Machito, how can you be disappointed? 

    Machito & His Afro-Cubans


    "Tremendo Cumban"
    Seeco Records – 1953


            Hot Tunes:  

    • Tremendo Cumban (Guaracha Mambo) 3:10
      Mambo Infierno (Mambo) 2:50
      Me Mirastes Y Te Mire (Bolero Mambo) 3:02
      Consternacion (Mambo) 2:32
      Novio Mio (Bolero) 3:17
      Que Bonito Es Puerto Rico (Mambo) 2:56
      Chango Ta' Beni (Guaracha Mambo) 2:32
      Adivinanza (Guaracha Mambo) 3:02
      Escucha Mi Encanto (Guaguanco) 3:03
      Te He Venido A Buscar (Bolero Mambo) 3:02
       No Hay Mas Que Un Paso (Guaracha) 2:56
      Zambia (Mambo Jazz Instrumental) 3:06



    Tremendo Cumban!!
    Tico Records 1963


               Hot Tunes:

    • Tremendo Cumban
      Francicua Guajira
      Mi Bandon
      El Piraguero
      I Care
      Ven Guajira
      Latin Cornbread
      Los Bailadores









    Tito Rojas Y Su Orquesta

    Borrón Y Cuenta Nueva
    Musical Productions 2005

    Ok, we know that Tito Rojas has had hit or miss releases lately, but still he is “El Gallo” de la salsa and so we are left to wonder whether it will be worth our hard earned bucks to get this latest release or not. Well, it is worth its weight this time around. So grab some cash and get your self a heaping spoon of some Puerto Rico flavored salsa.

             Hot Tunes:


    • Si Me Faltas Tu
      Yo Soy El Malo
      Las Quiero A Las Dos (Dos Mujeres)
      Que Locura
      Cuando Un Hombre Se Enamora
      Si Me Pusieran A Elegir
      Esa Clase De Mujer
      Vamos Pa' La Rumba


    Gilberto Santa Rosa Y El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico:

    “Así Es Nuestra Navidad” -Sony BMG Records 2005

    This is a holiday treat that is good for a year round celebration. Gilberto Sta Rosa and El Gran Combo together, could a more powerful musical force ever have been combined? Holiday music to bring back memories of growing up in Puerto Rico, and if you didn’t grow in Puerto Rico and spend Christmas time there, well then grab a hold of this latest release and you’ll feel like you are spending the holidays in Puerto Rico. Felicidades! /Happy holidays! Buy the CD and join the party. And while you’re at it, pick up the DVD release as well!   


              Hot Tunes: 

    • Alegria Y Paz - El Gran Combo 3:03
      Arbolito - Gilberto Santa Rosa 4:43
      Tarjeta De Navidad - Gilberto Santa Rosa 4:30
      Asalto Navideño - El Gran Combo 3:20
      Qué Es La Navidad - Gilberto Santa Rosa & El Gran Combo 2:28
      Medley Éxitos Vicente Caratinni & Los Cantores De San Juan (Asómate, Las Nubes, El Ña, La Botellita) - Gilberto Santa Rosa & Vicente Caratinni & Los Cantores & Chucho Avellanet 5:43
      Mamá Ponme Un Arbolito - El Gran Combo 4:16
      Cantemos/Pa' Los Pueblos - Gilberto Santa Rosa 5:20
      Lamento Jibaro - Gilberto Santa Rosa & Charlie Aponte 3:16
      La Cabeza Del Lechón - Gilberto Santa Rosa & El Gran Combo 2:40
      La Protesta De Los Reyes - El Gran Combo 4:14
      Desenfunda - El Gran Combo 3:45
      La Fiesta De Pilito - El Gran Combo 4:17
      Yo Quiero Ir A Mi Pueblo - Gilberto Santa Rosa 4:08
      No Hay Cama Pa' Tanta Gente - El Gran Combo 7:27
      Medley Éxitos La Tuna Cayey (Que Buena Es La Noche Buena, Esta Es La Trullita, Ese Pobre Lechón, Tengo Un Swing, Candela, Puerca Sinverguenza, Son Boriqueños - Gilberto Santa Rosa & La Tuna Cayey 5:57
      Así Se Forma Tremendo Trulla - La Tuna Cayey & Chucho Avellanet 2:53
      No Se Acabo Ná' - Tavín Pumarejo & Los Pleneros Del Quinto Olivo 4:31
      Así E Mi Tierra 2:19
      Cantares - Gilberto Santa Rosa & El Gran Combo, La Tuna Cayey, - Tavín Pumarejo & Los Pleneros Del Quinto Olivo, Chucho Avellanet, Victoria Sanabria, Vicente Caratinni Y Los Cantares De San Juan




    Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz  " Que Vuelva La Música"
    Tropisounds Records 2005

    New release straight off the presses to your CD player from the dynamic duo of salsa with a little Diego Gale influence in the mix. The release is nothing short of being hot. Warning: have a fire extinguisher handy as your CD player may go up in flames.

              Hot Tunes: 

    • Los Reyes De La Salsa (Opening) 4:49
      Salsa La Celebrcion 4:16
      El Gallo Y La Vaca 3:43
      Quim Bon Bori 4:48
      Que Cante La Gorda 4:20
      Va A Llover 4:52
      España Que Linda Eres 4:57
      Salsa En Paris 4:31
      Soy Boricua 4:49
      La Vieja Reguetona 4:19
      Vive Contento 4:47
      La Bailarina 5:07
      Esto Si Hay Que Verlo 4:23
      Fantasia Borinqueña 4:37



    JANUARY 2006



      Super hot release by one of the fiercest violinists on the planet designed to take you to another level of “sabor!”  A 1979 release that generates enough energy to heat up your entire neighborhood. Alfredo is a master on electric violin and shows his stuff on this classic CD.   

             HOT TUNES

    • Llevala Pa'l Rincon
      Saludo Pa' Ti
      Pa'l Africa A Gozar
      Amian Goan



    Straight from Peru to your CD player, this classic release of hardcore mambos and descargas arrives so sizzling hot and smoking that your heart and soul might not be able to take it. If you buy this release, don’t say I didn’t warn you of a possible salsa addiction, because once you are hooked, you’re hooked!

              HOT TUNES:

    • Yolando
      Tumba Coco
      La Juventud A Go Go
      Noche Buena
      Echate Pa'lla
      Brava Pachanga
      El Hueso
      Busco Un Chiquita
      Guaracha Y Bembe

      Melodia En Flauta
      Intro 1
      Guajira Boogaloo
      A La Capital
      Coco's Descarga
      La Rumba Empezo
      Intro 2
      Ahi Viene Coco
      Descarga Jala Jala
      Gozando Descargas
      Un Regalo Para Ti
      La Negra Esta Gozando



    Third release from this superb salsa band, hailing from just west of the Rockie Mountains, the mile high city of Denver, Colorado is both cool and hot at the same time. What more can I say, except to pick this release up for yourself and enjoy it to the max!    

         HOT TUNES:

    • Con Colores Se Goza
      Des Entonces
      Llega La Noche
      Celia Y Tito
      Songo Colorado
      Cuando Me Miras
      Para Los Rumberos


        Mojito - Robin Jones Latin Jazz Sextet Featuring Snowboy & Bosco De Oliveria Quinto Music 2005

     Latin Jazz with a little twist of much more on the side making it fueled with just enough to entice jazz and Latin jazz lovers far and near to get this release straight from Great Britain.

              HOT TUNES:  

    • East Walk 11:22
      Miles Below 8:10
      Peckham Royalty 5:49
      Manteca 10:42
      Christophe 4:36
      Pardon My Poche 6:09
      Mojito 12:34
      Miles Below (Subterranean Mix) 7:14


      FEBRUARY 2006

       MARTIN X Y SU ORQUESTA CACHE “Estoy En Candela” 2005


    Here’s something unique, a NYC salsa band that doesn’t sound like they’re from NYC. The band has some tough swing to them like a band from Puerto Rico and hot energy like a band from Colombia. Wow, and they’re from NYC, go figure, but better yet, go pick their release up and enjoy all the energy and flavor it offers…


           HOT TUNES:   

    • Estoy En Candela
      La Negrita
      Guajira Pa' Bailar
      Transplante De Corazon
      Tumbao Cache
      Al Ver Sus Campos
      Veo, Veo
      Martin X Mix




    YES, I do have to tell the truth, it is a release from 1986, but that doesn’t make it a classic. Actually outside of two of the tunes it is pretty bad. It they wanted to release a Album onto a CD and recorded it from their old hi-fi system, they should have warn us first.   Why waste their effort with this, when “El Condimiento” is the hidden gem that should be release onto CD. Oh, well what are you going to do, they all can’t be great.  

              HOT TUNES

    • Sigan Bailando
      Pensando En Ti
      Sigo Pa'lante
      Bin Ban Bon
      Ponte Linda
      Lo Que Dice Justi
      Llévatelo Todo


    Straight ahead Cuban son with a touch of New York influence release, by one of those not so famous good singers out there that has a different appeal than other releases out there. I like it because it is gruff, and yet smooth at the same time. It catches the feet of many a dancer and fan of good son/salsa music.

              HOT TUNES:

    • El Alacrán
      Dios Te Salve Maria
      La Diosa
      No Llores Por Amor
      Nunca Jamas
      Son Que Quita Las Penas


      La Llave De Oro - Alfredo De La Fé Y Fruko  Colibri  Records 2005

     WOW, WOW, WOW AND MORE WOW! FRUKO AND ALFREDO DE LA FE, WHAT A COMBINATION ! It is like holding a can of gasoline next to a bottle of nitroglycerine and lighting a match at the same time. Can we say KAAA-BOOOM! Hmmm, sounds like I’m recommending this release, you think?  

           TUNES TO WOW YOU:

    • Somos Los Reyes De Mundo
      Julio El Gitano (con José Alberto "El Canario")
      Anhelos (Con Oscar D'Leon)
      Ritmo Sabroso
      Kukucha Ku Chá
      No Soy De Aquí
      Nostalgia De Mi Tierra
      Soy (con José Alberto "El Canario")
      La Botija De Abuelito
      El De Los Ojos Negros


    March 2006       



    Talk about a treasured gem, this is a great release that has yet to issued in CD format. Why not? Good question, considering his first two albums are now in CD format. This was his third album and many record collectors believe that it is the best out of Willie Rosario’s entire recording history. Simple put, it was progressive, and as the saying goes “way ahead of its time.”  It featured moving latin jazz like the latin version of “A taste of Honey” and some fiery guanguancos like “Cuca La Loca” and “La Chica Del Barrio Obrero.”  Featuring Adalberto Santiago on lead vocals in his recording debut as a lead vocalist, this LP reshaped Willie Rosario’s style and took him away from that “New York City” sound and was a prelude of what was to be coming down the road as Willie moved to Puerto Rico and became a strong part of Puerto Rico’s salsa force, and some 44 years later, “Mr. Afinque” is still a core part of the entire Puerto Rico salsa sound.       


    1.      My Favorite Things

    2.      Watusi Boogaloo

    3.      Frutas De Mi Pais

    4.      Nueva Vida

    5.      Cuca La Loca

    6.      Taste Of Honey

    7.      Viento En Popa

    8.      Light And Sweet

    9.      Mi Chamaco

    10.  La Chica Del Barrio Obrero

    11.  Se Que Volveras

    12.     Stop And Go



    LOUIE RAMIREZ  "LATIN AU GO-GO"  1965 Atco Records

     Sweet, early vintage Louie Ramirez release that has yet to passed  on to CD but ought to be for all to enjoy. This classic LP is a monster featuring killer mambos and smooth as silk Latin jazz. Another rare release on Atco records which at the time, was a subsidiary of Atlantic records.


            HOT TUNES

    1.      MONTON SIMON

    2.      TUMBANDO CANA

    3.      MANIA DE CARMEN

    4.      CON LA BOMBA RARA

    5.      JUMPIN WITH SID



    PETE BONET  “THE ODDS ARE ON….” Swinger Records 1967

     Pete was a singer, booking agent, conga player and arranger. Plus, he was a real nice guy. This was according to his very best friend Louie Ramirez, who recorded together on the LP for Alegre Records “The Beautiful People” back in 1974. The debate among record collectors is whether both the “beautiful people” and “the odds are on…” were Louie Ramirez recordings or Pete Bonet recordings with invited guest Louie Ramirez. It matters not to me because they both were awesome. And of the two, “the odds on….” was definitely the best. Those mambos were as strong as anything, blazing with intense rhythm from the first note to the very last.   

         HOT TUNES



          3. PUERTO RICAN SOUL

          4. TUMBANDO CANA

          5. MARCELA

          6. CON LA MISMA MONEDA

          7. PETER PETER

          8. VIDA

          9. BAILADORA




    April 2006





    With the recent purchase of the Fania Record Label by Virgin Records, there is an air of excitement all around. The following article is from an internet edition of the New York Post.

      March 15, 2006 -- It's a salsa fan's dream come true - the priceless catalogue of the legendary Fania label - a treasure trove of classic music that provided the soundtrack to the lives of a generation of New York Latinos - will be reissued in a massive campaign that began yesterday with the release of 30 seminal titles.

    "Fania is a cultural phenomenon," says Giora Breil, chief marketing officer with Emusica, the Miami-based company that purchased the catalogue last year. "Handling this project implies a social responsibility. It's patrimonio latino." Founded by bandleader Johnny Pacheco and the late ex-NYPD cop Jerry Masucci in 1964, Fania spearheaded the New York salsa explosion of the 1970s through classic releases by Hector Lavoe‚, Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Celia Cruz and Eddie Palmieri.

    According to Breil, the reissue of the catalogue will focus on three fronts - sound, packaging and price. While each of the CDs will have the original artwork by famed artist Izzy Sanabria, Breil says that master sound engineers, including one of the original engineers John Fausti, will work on sound quality. "We are not altering sound. We're remastering the original tapes and getting the absolutely best sound out of them. It's an expensive process, but we think it's worth it."

    New liner notes, written by famed musicologists, will be included in Spanish and English. Breil would not comment on the price of the catalogue because of confidentiality agreements, but he said that the assets - over 1,300 albums - had been in probate court after the death of the catalogue's owner, Jerry Masucci. Billboard magazine has placed its value between $9 million and $12 million. The initial batch of 30 discs released yesterday includes salsa jewels such as Ruben Blades and Willie Colon's "Siembra," Ray Barretto's "Acid," Hector Lavoe‚'s 1975 session "La Voz," as well as recordings by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, Cheo Feliciano, Orquesta Harlow, Joe Cuba and more. Each month more CDs will hit the market. "Sifting through all the tapes will take months of work," says Breil, who has already discovered an unreleased track by Larry Harlow entitled "Bajate," as well as an Eddie Palmieri outtake with "a very famous vocalist singing on it."

    Breil says there is a ceiling of 300 releases planned, at $12.99 each, and at a rate of 16 per month. They will be widely available in record stores and on the Internet. “ 


    Ok, now that you read the article, let’s ask a curious question because never mind the re-releasing of stuff that was on already put on CD back in the 1990’s, when are they going to record the hidden gems they found in the Fania vault that were never released? 

    And before you run out and spend your hard earned dollars and start stocking up on all those Fania releases, think about this: not everything that Fania recorded was “great.” In fact, after the 1970’s Fania recorded some pretty mediocre stuff and by the end of the 1980’s it got pretty bad.  Well, to coin a Fania Record album by Willie Colon, here is a look at a few of “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” of these re-releases.


    THE GOOD:  




    Charlie Palmieri  El Gigante Del Teclado - Alegre Records Released 1972

     Between 1972 and 75 Charlie recorded three great albums that helped to give a “rebirth” to his career. After leaving Alegre Records, (Fania owned Alegre Records) he signed onto to Coco records for four great years. This release is one of his best recordings on the Alegre label. “La Hija De Lola,”  “Coco,” & “La Llave y El Candao” Are just three of the hot smoking tunes on this release. If you don’t have this, you need to add it to your arsenal of hot salsa releases. 

          HOT TUNES:

    •  La Hija De Lola 4:37
      La Llave Y El Candao 3:21
      Sedante De Rhumba 5:13
      Que Se Vaya 4:20
      El Mundo Esta Bien - El Loco Soy Yo 4:37
      Coco 6:43
      El Pan Sobao 8:33




     THE BAD :


           Orquesta Inmensidad “La Salsa De Hoy” Fania Released 1984

     Ok, let’s set the record straight, I never liked Orquesta Immensidad and never will. They were Fania’s attempt at “salsa sensual aka salsa monga” and they were making the label bleed. They had Roberto Blades (yes, Ruben Blades’ brother) on vocals making every attempt to sound like his brother and failing ever so much. Straight out: this was a boring band with boring releases and here is proof of yet another one. Want to waste your money, well it is very easy, just buy this release.





    v       El Artista Famoso 5:56
    Detalles 5:16
    El Toro Y La Luna 4:20
    La Distancia 6:02
    Rosalba 4:05
    Cariño 5:08
    Diana 7:45









    Larry Harlow “Yo Soy Latino” Fania , Released 1982

     This was Larry Harlow’s last album for Fania and what a disappointing way to go. Plus what a waste of probable one of the best unrecognized singers from the 1960’s till his death in 1994, Nestor Sanchez. It was like Larry was saying to Fania, “thanks for the over 20 years of a relationship and success, but I have to go now, and here is my lousey gift you Fania Records." Again, do you want to waste your money, then here you go, just pick up this one.


           JUST TUNES 

    v   Yo Soy Latino 3:39
    Ametralladora 5:59
    Guajira Simale 6:15
    Mango Del Monte 5:48
    Amor Que Soñe
    Yo Soy Asi 5:25
    Desencanto (Precepada) 4:55
    Anoche Aprendi 5:51
    De Pescado Nada 4:33
    Chiquita Y Gordita 5:01


    And at the end of the rainbow……you find gold:




    Willie Colón “El Malo” Fania Released 1967

     This was Willie’s Colon first release with Fania, and the record label was never the same. Talk about a success story. Johnny Pacheco lured Willie Colon away from Al Santiago’s “Futura” Record Label. He was 15 when he recorded for the FUTURA Record label, and then signed with the new Fania label at the age of 18.  The original vocalist for Willie Colón was Tony Vazquez. You can hear him singing on EL MALO on the tune WILLIE WHOPPER.”   Johnny Pacheco found this skinny kid singing at the Bronx Palace and introduced him to Willie Colon so he could record on “El Malo” Hector Perez changed his name to Hector LaVoe and a successful career with Fania began. This release is not only historical, but a monstrously excellent recording. I’ve heard so many releases by this dynamic duo, and to me, “Crime Pays, Lo Mato, El Malo, El Jucio, La Gran Fuga and Vigilante” are their top five album/releases.  So pick up all five, or at least go get “El Malo.”

          HOT TUNES:

    • Jazzy (Mambo-Jazz) 4:07
      Willie Baby (Boogaloo) 2:46
      Borinquen (Guaguanco) 3:17
      Willie Whopper (Shing-A-Ling) 2:39
      El Malo (Bomba-Guaguanco) 3:58
      Skinny Papa (Boogaloo) 4:02
      Chonqui (Son Montuno)
      Quimbombo (Mozanco)





    Bobby Valentin   “Rey Del Bajo”
    Fania, Released 1974


    Now here is how you leave your mark of departure on a record label. This was Bobby’s last recording for Fania, as he was starting his own label “Bronco Records”  He has thunder and lightening as far as vocalists go in Marvin Santiago and Frankie Hernandez and from the first tune ‘ Hay Craneo en Mi” to the last “Coco Seco” this release tore up the airways and the dance floor. This was Bobby at his best. Bobby knew by leaving Fania that he was taking a big risk, but he also knew that Fania had its’ favorites and the bands from Puerto Rico weren’t among them. Other PR bands felt the same and left the label during the late 70’s for the Miami based label Top Hits records, but Bobby chose his own path and chose it well. Here is another historical recording which left its’ mark in salsa.         


         SUPER HOT TUNES  

    v   Hay Craneo 3:54
    Arenas Del Desierto 4:02
    Guaraguao 3:30
    Mi Ritmo Es Bueno 5:43
    Codazos 3:59
    Cuando Te Vea 5:26
    Esperame En El Cielo 4:45
    La Vibora 4:19
    Aqui No Me Quedo
    Coco Seco


    May 2006


     Tito Rodriguez, “Best of the RCA Years Vol. III  (1953-55)”  

    This is classic mambo to the max! It has rare and vintage mambos from one of the original mambo kings. All the tracks are so smoking hot that they’ll take you back to Palladium Ballroom as you imagine Tito Rodriguez in full swing with his all star band. I turned my good friend DJ La Clave on to this CD and he could get enough of it, and neither will you!  

              Hot Tunes 

    • El Jamaiquino
      Estas Como Mango
      Chika Ni Lambo *******
      De Noche
      Batiri Cha Cha
      El Guapeton
      Ay No No
      Desarrecuestate Nene
      Cogele Bien El Compas
      Los Marcianos
      Abarriba Cumbiaremos ******
      Para Que Confiar






           1980 VELVET RECORDS

     Forget about the recordings that featured Oscar Deleon on vocals, from the mid -1970’s to the end of the decade, or even the recording during the mid 1980’s with Andy Montanez on vocals, because in between that space of time, the band La Salsa Mayor  was sizzling hot. And this particular release is the bottom line proof. You want to talk about a burn the soles of your shoes off release, then, this is the one. Featuring Pellin Rodriguez  and Carlos El Grande as the two main vocalists, they, through the strong arranged songs blow the past recordings with Oscar Deleon away. Listen to “Sonerito”  and if that song does knock you off your feet, then there is “ Lo Que Paso a Luisita”  or “Fuimos Amigos.” This was a tough band from Venezuela that emulated those strong salsa bands from Puerto Rico like El Gran Combo, Sonora Poncena, Bobby Valentin and Willie Rosario, and did an outstanding job at it. This is one release designed to burn up anybody’s stereo system without hesitation, so make sure you have insurance before putting this release on your system. 



    2. AVELINA




        Salsa Fever Orchestra
    Combo Records 1979

    So how do you leave a well established band and make your own talents recognized, well some folks are willing to take such risk. And that is what led Julio “Gunde” Merced, arranger and trumpet player of the Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound Orquestra to take such a risk. Papo Sanchez on vocals and arrangements by a true master has made this classic salsa sound stand out with the elite forces in the salsa universe. “Dicen” is one tough tune, and “No Hay Vuelta Atras” is one alluring tune. All in all, this is a great salsa classic release and a must have for any true salsa music lover.         


                 HOT TUNES: 

    • No Hay Vuelta Atras
      Mandame A Busca
      Dejame Usarlo
      Aquella Niña
      Salsa Explosion               



    •      LITTLE JOHNNY RIVERO AKA "Pequeño Johnny"
      “Pasos Gigantes” - CD & DVD Set
      Rumba Jams Records 2006

      Ok here it is plain and simple: THIS CD IS HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! SO GO GET IT!!

      HOT TUNES:

      Pequeño Johnny
      Ay! Mujeres
      Como Podre Olvidarla
      Mi Yambu
      Quiero Ser Tu Abrigo
      Salsa Cumbia
      Le Traigo La Ultima
      Tres Mujeres
      A Mis Hijos
      DVD Of Live Performance In NYC:
      Fuego, Fuego
      Mr. LP
      El Sudor De Tu Piel
      Conga Solo

               Benedict & the Magic Band “Swing Sabor 3”  Col Records 2006

                  H-O-T release from Colombia that is “raring” to go, straight off the grill! Great arrangements and strong vocals, makes this release so hard to resist, so why are you?

          HOT TUNES:           

    • Los Huesos
      Swing Sabor
      Y Todavia No
      La Vela
      El Dueño De La Timba
      La Llave
      Medley Paz: Ciencia Politica, Paz
      Sigue Feliz
      Tremendo Problema
      Bachata Rosa
      Tengo Un Tumbao
      La Cumbia Verde
      Colombia Mi Seleccion
      Que Viva El Poderoso



         June 2006       






    SonSublime “Bailando Con SonSublime”   2006

     Great Charanga band out of New York City that carries a lot of swing with it, I like “Mi Chinita Quiere Mas” as one of the hot, yet sweet arrangements. But then again, all the tunes are pretty hot in their own way. Get it and enjoy the sweet and swinging sounds of charanga for yourself, SonSublime style!                      

    • Hot Tunes:
      Casita De Margot 5:31
      Macusa 5:27
      Mi Charanga 5:49
      Mi Pueblo 6:13
      Agua Dulce, Agua Sala 5:58
      Mueve La Cintura 6:55
      Ella Quiere Que La Vean Bailando 3:41
      Que Linda Eres 4:47
      Matilde 4:15
      Yolanda 5:06
      Mi Chinita Quiere Mas 7:22
      Quien Sabe, Sabe 5:32



    Wayne Gorbea “¡Prakatún! Cogele El Gusto Otra Vez” Wayne Go Records 2006

     This latest release has a little bit of everything, but the entire product is straight off the Bar-B-Q grill hot and just in time for summer!

           HOT TUNES:

    • Prakatun 5:16
      La Muchachita 6:10
      Pa' Puerto Rico 6:06
      A Primera Visa 6:05
      Ven Baila Conmigo 5:54
      Cuando Camina Esa Mulata 7:37
      DJ's Sabroso




       JOHNNY PACHECO “Volando Bajito”  1972  FANIA RECORDS

    Canta: Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez

     Cool release with Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez on vocals. Check out “Que No Muera El Son” or “Menu De Chivos” as proof of what a great classic release this is.  And by the way, all the other tunes are just as great.

          HOT TUNES:

    • Azucar Mami
      Negra Bon Bon
      Que Risa Me Da
      Agarrate De La Brocha
      Ouidio y Cecilia
      Menu De Chivo
      Llegaron Los Bonches
      Que No Muera El Son
      Vengo Caliente




      Miami Sessions: Andy Harlow & Larry Harlow  Buddah Records / Primo Disc 1988Here is another historic release as it is a collaboration of the two brothers who have made their mark in Latin Music, in particular, during the golden age of salsa. “Philadelphia Mambo” is a killer tune, and the release itself is a must have for any Latin music collector.

          HOT TUNES:

    • Decide Tu - vocals Luis Serrano
      Fracaso - vocals Frankie Castro
      Impossible - vocals Luis Enrique
      Phildelphia Mambo -instrumental (a Tito Puente composition)
      Nadie Da Nada - vocals Frankie Castro
      Mortifica - vocals Luis Serrano
      Envenenao - vocals Frankie Castro
      Calle Ocho - vocals Fernando Resto


     July 2006





         JOE COTTO & His Orquestra “Dolores - Twist Con Pachanga”

    Label: MAGDA


     Killer classic mambo CD in that reproduced in limited release. Originally recorded in 1962,

     this CD swings with all cylinders revved up. Check out Mon Rivera on vocals along with Mike Casino.  

            HOT TUNES  

    • Dolores

    • Pancho y Ramona

    • Te Seguire

    • Pa' Las Nenas

    • El Lorito y El Carbon

    • Esto Se Llama Querer

    • Maina

    • Cocolia

    • Me Acordare De Ti

    • Mi Mambo

    • Merengue Para Ti

    • Mi Orgullo 





       Tirando Pa' Charanga - Edwin Bonilla Y Jesús "El Niño" Pérez   2006

    Super hot release by two of the most consistent salseros in the industry, that sways back to

    that charanga sound of the 1960’s with some very strong swinging salsa tunes in the mix. 

              HOT TUNES:

    • Sabados Rumberos
      Flauta & Timbal
      Suban La Musica
      Te Traigo




     Kool Latin jazz with a capital K. Ray Mantilla has been in the Latin scene for nearly 50 years having played along side Latin music giants like Ray Barretto and Mongo Santamaria. Space Station is a funky group that does not forget its’ charanga roots. Ray Mantilla is a master conga player to say the least and Good Vibrations is just that... and then some.

             HOT TUNES :

    • Flying Home 5:33
      Midnight Sun 6:56
      Maria Cervantes
      For Keeps
      Ya No Me Quieres (Bolero For Tito)
      Blues For Queen D
      Camino Al Cielo Too
      Bari Con Bata 6:59



       Son De Madre “Rumberos” 2006

     Awesome release that rocks hardcore salsa all the way around and then comes back to hit you with

    another dose just so you are left wanting more!  

              HOT TUNES: :

    • Rumberos
      Ella Sabe
      Caña Quema
      No Me Digas
      Mi Vecina
      Cartas De Amor Guajiro
      Lo Que Falta
      Son De Madre



       El Sindicato De La Salsa   ¡Afíliate Bailador! 2006

     Recommended to    me by two local Philly salsa street DJs, this release is fire on top of fire to keep it burning from the beginning to the end. Led by pianist Willie Soltero, the arrangements are furious and designed to hold your heart hostage.  Warning: stepping on the dance floor while this release is playing will make you highly addictive to hearing it over and over. You have been warned, now go buy it!

             HOT TUNES: 

    • Cara De Lata
      Dime Lo Que Tengo Que Cadrar
      Tiene De Todo
      Guarachero De Esquina
      Cualquier Cosa
      Te Fuiste
      El Matrimonio
      De Aqui P'alla
      Rico Guarapo
      Como Lo Canto Yo



     August 2006




      Kako  ‘Lo Ultimo En La Avenida: Ismael Rivera Con Kako Y Su Orquesta’     Vaya Records 1971


     This is a collaboration of two of the masters in the world of salsa music. Kako, the all time great timbalero and Ismael Rivera, El Sonero Mayor, de la salsa  both on one dynamic release. A must have for any lover of salsa music as well as the traditional plena and bomba of Puerto Rico.  


                HOT TUNES:


    v       Mi Negrita Me Espera
    Lo Ultimo En La Avenida
    Cantar Maravilloso
    El Truquito
    El Cumbanchero
    La Cumbita
    Entiero A La Moda
    Siete Pies Bajo La Tierra
    Lleva Y Trae





        Guarare "Guarare" TR Records 1977


    This is the band that broke away from Ray Barretto’s band in 1976 and was named after the hit “Guarare” from the 1976 Ray Barretto album entitled “Barretto.”  Funny, when the band first started it had Tito Gomez and Ruben Blades as the lead vocals and right before the album was to be recorded, both singers left the band. This turned out to be a break for an unknown singer, one Ray De La Paz, who joined the band for the two releases they recorded and then went on to record with Ray Barretto and Louie Ramirez during the 1980’s.  Talk about a lucky break!   I like this straight up New York Salsa sound release and I’m 100% sure that you will too.



           HOT TUNES: 

    • Las Latinas
      Realidad Y Sinceridad
      My Beautiful Bembe
      Jeva De La Java








       De Rumba Con Zafra “ De Rumba Con Zafra” 2006 Zafra Records

    Smoking hot burn you to the ground release that is produced by piano master Alfredo Linares, so you know that this a is monstrous product.  All the tunes sizzle but I liked the updated version of “Cuca La Loca.”   This is just too good not to have in your CD salsa collection.


            HOT TUNES: 


    v   De La Rumba A La Tumba
    Estamos En Salsa
    Cuca La Loca
    Se Prendio La Feria
    Take Off
    Daria Lo Que Fuera
    Guajira Y Son
    Yo Te Invito
    Bienvenido Amor




       September 2006










       Annette Aguilar & Stringbeans

    “No Cheap Dates”
    Stringbeans Records 2005


        LATIN JAZZ COOLNESS at its’ best mixes in a blend of old and new musicians from yesterday and today brings this release to a sizzling roasting climax of total ‘sabor.” Miss Aguilar bangs those congas like the big boys and shows that there is a new kid in town to be reckoned with.      

           HOT TUNES

    • Conga 5:41
      Facil 4:56
      Mayeya No Juegues Con Los Santos
      Veracruz 7:38
      O Que Sera 7:13
      Tortola 7:11
      Xarope 4:08






    Orquesta Suprema

    “Musica Original De Cuba”  2006

    This is actually two albums recorded onto a best of….and it has killer tunes to say the least. This is one of the first Cuban bands to record in the U.S.(Miami) during the post Cuban Revolution era (mid 70’s)


                 HOT TUNES

    • Tiempos Del Pasadoble
      Guaguanco No. 3
      Tu Nombre
      La Suprema Se Colo
      El Viejo
      Vive Tu Vida
      Ya Yo Llegue
      Ajiaco Criollo
      Voy Pa' Borinquen
      Esta Navidad
      Cucarichita Cucarachon
      El Ritmo Pilon
      Elije Tu
      Alza La Pata Y Vete Flaca
      La Tijera
      Exit Number






    Conjunto Clasico

    Si Ella Estuviera
    Machete  2006

    Conjunto Clasico is back and kicking some hard salsa to boot. With memories of that 80’s sound, this band is ready to put you on the dance floor without hesitation.


              HOT TUNES :

    • A Ella Le Gusa Mi Rumba 4:21
      Si Ella Estuviera 4:25
      Olga Y Marggara 5:12
      Señora Ley 4:43
      El Maicriao 4:17
      El Asunto 4:25
      Esta Tarde 4:49
      Dandole 4:36
      Rumba Y Cache 3:59
      No Te Metas Conmigo 6:20






    Lou Pérez & His Orchestra

    “Fantasia Africana” WS Latino 1972


    A great charanga release featuring Lou Perez on flute and Adaberto Santiago on vocals that swings in full force. “Pintame un Son” is a killer release that will put anybody on the dance floor without a doubt.  


             HOT TUNES

    • Fantasia Africana
      Pintame Un Son
      Mi Gallo Pinto
      Si Sabes Bailar Mi Son
      Rumba Como Quiera
      Ponme La Mano Caridad
      Rey De La Valla
      No Me Toques Ese Punto
      No Seras De Mi









    Although not yet released on CD, this classic album is part of my top twenty five vintage salsa/mambo review (coming in November 2006). Oscar DeLeon on the vocals along with Vladamir makes this one sizzling release.


          HOT TUNES:


    1.      DOLOR COBARDE

    2.      SIN TU CARIÑO

    3.      IRIMO


    5.      MORUNO LATINO

    6.      EL FRUTERO

    7.      JOSEFA MATIA


    9.      DORMIR CONTIGO








    BKS RECORDS 2006 


    Ok, I’m not a fan of the medley songs and/or the cover of past salsa legends, but this latest release by Son Café almost has me convinced that it is ok….to pay tribute to the legends of salsa. Some of the artist covered are Charlie Palmieri, Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez and Tommy Olivencia.  And I have to say that I’d play this release at any club or social and guarantee that dance floor would be packed. It is definitely worth buying and adding to your arsenal of hot releases.





    Sonora Matancera Medley
    Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez Medley
    Cha Cha Cha Medley
    Tommy Olivencia Medley
    La Lupe Medley
    Charlie Palmieri Medley
    Ray Barretto Medley
    Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez (Radio Mix)
    La Lupe (Radio Mix)
    Ray Barretto (Radio Mix)




    NOVEMBER - 2006







    La Excelencia

    “Salsa Con Conciencia”
    Handle With Care Productions 2006

     This is New York salsa band with some very hardcore swing that is as tuff as a box of steel nails. This release takes a new generation of      salseros to the next level. Recommended to me a by a good friend from the west coast’s San Fransisco area (thanks DJ Nik) and now I highly recommend it to you, if you really love salsa that is.

            HOT TUNES:  

    1. La Lucha
      Solo Sin Amor
      El Tiempo En Tus Manos
      La Salsa Y El Guaguanco
      El Loco
      Cada Dia
      Hijo De Los Rumberos
      Boogalu Pa' Colombia
      La Lucha (Featuring Shanny





    Dave Valentin “Come Fly With Me” 2006

    Pretty cool Latin Jazz release by master flautist Dave Valentin which really excels quite well. The titles of the tunes in English really fool you as they have a heavy Latin jazz flavor to them.  

              HOT TUNES

    1. Come Fly With Me 5:44
      Twinkle Toes 4:50
      Enciendido 4:28
      Mind Games 5:42
      If You Could See Me Now 5:48
      Easy Street 5:47
      Tu Pañuelo 5:51
      House Of The Sun 5:43
      Song For My Brothers 4:07








                                    Ray Perez Y Los Dementes: "Pura Salsa..."  Released 1996 -Although not labeled as such, this is really two LPs which were released during the late 1970’s on one CD. It has some killer tunes in this compilation which would put any salsero on the dance floor.  During the 1990’s everybody was raving about all the Colombian bands that were popping up left and right due to the arrangements , production and creativity of one Diego Gale, but before all the hoopla over the Colombian salsa bands, just next store in Venezuela 25 years earlier, the Venezuelan salsa bands were kicking up a storm. Los Dementes, Los Kenyas y Los Calvos are some of the bands under the leadership of Ray Perez which kept Venezuela in full salsa swing. And you thought it was just Salsa Mayor, Dimension Latina and La Critica which represented the Venezuelan salsa sound…..sounds like I need to handout some homework assignments over the Thanksgiving Holiday…..   Check out Los Dementes for yourself and see how great they sound…..Nuff said!

                    HOT TUNES: 

    1. Vete De Mi Vida (La Suegra)
      La Perrita De Floro
      Mi Mujer No Esta En El Guiro
      Mi Salsa Llego
      Piña Y Melon
      A Comer Llaman
      Los Dementes
      Carnaval De Cueros
      El Guaguanco Y La Salsa
      La Cenicienta
      Juan El Navajo




      ALFREDO LINARES Y SU SALSA STARS ‘SALSA DE VERDAD’  INFOPESA RECORDS1971 -Ok, This is not on CD (yet) but watch out when it ever gets release onto CD because this is one very hot sizzling release that leaves no chance of failure to load up the dance floor.  You think salsa from Colombia is hot…..Salsa from Venezuela is like stepping onto the sun…..and this LP is like a super nova!







    • AHORA SI








    December - 2006











    Grupo Fascinación   Tiburón

    This group, along with El Conjunto Clasico, paved the way of a “new sound”  for New York Salsa Bands to emulate during the late 1970’s and into the early 1980’s. That is, they added a “jibaro flavor” to their music which was more common with bands from Puerto Rico than bands from New York City during this time period. Featuring an unknown singer named Johnny Rivera, the band was tight, full of energy and designed to put you on the dance floor. This group help launch Johnny Rivera’s career as he went on to sing with Conjunto Classico and then later with his own band under the RMM record label.

         HOT TUNES

    • Tiburón 5:02
      Errores 4:21
      Ya No Puedo Verte 5:13
      Cosas De Mi Tierra 4:45
      Fascinación 4:30
      Busco Una Mujer 4:39
      Olvida Y Canta 5:23
      Mujer 4:44




     OK, First, I’m using the original record cover and not the reissued CD cover. Plus this isn’t really a reissue as it came out in limited quantity in CD format about 10 years. I remember seeing this CD at a local record store around 1997, saying I would be back to pick it up, but it was gone on my next record store visit.

    Second, HOW CAN ANYONE NOT RECOGNIZE THAT IT IS RAFAEL DEJESUS ON LEAD VOCALS, the credits have him listed as Rafael (Chuleta).  This was the first group he recorded with, the second was Orquesta Cimmaron, followed by his most recognized recordings with Luis”Perico” Ortiz during the late 1970’s- early 1980’s. 

    Now about the release: HHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTT! Every tune is a killer, even the Latin Jazz cut.

            HOT TUNES: 

    • Borinquen
      Con Quien Andas
      Latin Blues
      Ya No Te Quiero
      Negrita Mia








      El Gran Combo   “Arroz Con Habichuela” Sony 2006
    Hear we go again, the baddest salsa band on the planet has come out with another sure fire hit. Whew, just in time to light up the holidays, the salsa in non stop , and raring to go! Willie Sotelo is on piano and it seems that this may be his permanent job as Rafael Itier is now just musical director. Jose “Lenny” Prieto was offered this job some 10 years ago and turned it down.  Willie Sotelo was with El Gran Combo when they performed this past summer at an outdoor concern in Philly and he was smoking on the keyboard. Vocals: Charlie Aponte, Jerry Rivas and Papo Rosario As if anyone’s surprise to know that.
          SUPER HOT TUNES:

    • Si La Ves Por Ahí 4:36
      Te Veo Nena
      No Hay Manera 4:31
      Arroz Con Habichela 5:56
      Esa Mujer
      Como Tiembla El Alma
      Yo No Mendigo Amor
      No Te Detengas A Pensar
      Un No Sé Qué





       The Brian Lynch / Eddie Palmieri Project “Simpático”  Artistshare 2006

     HOT LATIN JAZZ TO SAY THE LEAST! Joint effort with trumpeter Brian Lynch and legendary pianist Eddie Palmieri makes this      release  go Varooom!

          HOT TUNES: 

    • The Palmieri Effect 7:53
      Que Sería La Vida 5:25
      Gujira Dubois 8:51
      Jazz Impromptu 6:03
      Páginas De Mujer 8:39
      Slippery 8:18
      Jazzucar 8:24
      Tema Para
      Marissa 6:15
      Freehands 6:50





           La Banda Sigilosa  “Siempre Pegando” Banda Sigilosa 2006
    KILLER SALSA BAND FROM….. Venezuela!  ( And anybody  who listens to my radio show  and sees my play list from my radio show can see that I love salsa from Venezuela, especially the smoking stuff from the 1970’s like Los Dementes, Alfredo Linares, La Dimension Latina and so many others.)  La Banda Sigilosa reminds of those great bands. And yeah, they cover a few classic tunes with their original material  but it is all smoking hot!

           HOT TUNES:

    • Siva-Barrio 78 6:28
      Ruñidera 3:11
      En Cadenas 3:31
      La Salsa 4:36
      El Cazanguero 4:59
      Son Del La Loma 4:53
      Sonero 5:11
      Vengo De Oriente 5:50
      Guararé 5:06
      Se Quema La Trocha 4:54
      Virgen De Medianoche 3:46


        JANUARY 2007






     Young group out of New York City during the “Golden Age of Salsa.” which was slightly ahead of it’s time. Smoking arrangements and excellent vocals by Rafael Dejesus made this young group compete and stay in par with the big name salsa bands during that era. This along with the first LP (Forget it!)  are both coming out on CD very soon . So when they do, make sure you get your copy as they will be a limited release special.


       HOT TUNES: 

    1.      BLACK SHADOW

    2.      YEMAYA

    3.      CAMPENSINO

    4.      CAMAGUELA

    5.      TE TRAIGO

    6.      LA MALAS LENGUAS

    7.      CUBA

    8.      LA JARA




     Rico records, which is owned by Tony Pabon, is releasing all those other gems from the vault of treasured salsa recordings.  You have already seen all the Tony Pabon recordings out there on CD,now getting ready for the rest of the great stuff from this record label.  If you don’t know who Tony Rojas is, just pick up any release done by Orquesta TNT, (which stood for Tony & Tito) and you’ll see that Tony Ramos was co-leader and co-lead vocalist along side Tito Ramos. This is Tony’s second release, first being “Introducing Tony Rojas…” also on Rico records. Man, this is some killer stuff. The guarachas are tough and the guajiras and cha cha chas are as smooth as whipped butter on a hot piece of toast. So, when this comes out on CD, make sure you pick it up.  


        HOT TUNES:

    1. 1.    QUE SE FIJAN

    2. 2.      SEIS LINDAS CUBANAS


    4. 4.      CANALLON


    6. 6.      EL TIBURON

    7. 7.      CAMPEON

    8. 8.      SE QUE ME QUIERES

    9. 9.      MI CHINA






       8 Y Más! “Juega Billar” Q&A Records 2006

    This is a brand new release from another New York City salsa band which has nice arrangements that are truly designed to get people onto the dance floor. Marc Quinones, Bobby Allende and Ricky Gonzalez are the arrangement geniuses that make this release go. My only complaint and criticism of this release, which really applies to all the “new” New York salsa bands, is, why all the cover songs? Why has this sudden urge come about for the redoing of all the classic tunes over and over and over again? Has the art and talent of creativity, and originality gone to the waste side? Truly, a nice release with some cool arrangements, but some originality would have been nice as well.          


          HOT TUNES: 


      PARA RAY




          FEBRUARY 2007









                    JOHNNY SEDES “ACABANDO!’

    Slamming sounds from the 1970’s that is not available on CD. This vintage salsa goes into high gear from the first cut to the last.  “Facundo” is a killer get them on the dance floor for sure tune.  And every song there after, is just as good.       



        HOT TUNES:


    1.    FACUNDO

    2.    SON CUBANO





    7.    BARLOVENTO





           JOHNNY SEDES “MAMA CALUNGA”  1974

     Second album but this one came out on CD, unfortunately in limited quantities, and then was discontinued (just like the Joe Cotto album “Dolores” –another smoking released that was discontinued after a limited time on CD)   Hot hot hot and then even hotter  is the best way to describe this release.!


         HOT TUNES: 

    1.    CARUPANO


    3.    EL MANICERO


    5.    LA VERDAD

    6.    MAMA CALUNGA


    8.    TE VAS



                           JOE COTTO “EL MAGNIFICO”  1968

     Killer, killer, killer album with Chivirico Davila on vocals and one smoking tune after another.  If this ever comes out on CD, get it, and get it quick. I had the album, which belonged to my parents, and discarded it to a Good Will Store by accident, sheesh talk about a heartbreaker!  In my very young days as a radio DJ I was mainly into the TH (Top Hits) sound of salsa, with very few choice artists outside of that label, and 98% of my favorites were from Puerto Rico (back then at the age of 20 I was the only DJ to my knowledge, who was considered to be the anti-Fania DJ, reason being: far too many better choice that what Fania had to offer, and too me back then, Fania was the big bully on the block, and I hated bullies, still do. Ok, enough reminiscing, in regards to the album, it is a killer, and thanks to a good friend DJ Nik, from out on the west coast, I have a copy on CD . If you want to check out what this album sounds like, then tune in to my radio show on Saturday nights 9pm till midnight and take a listen for your self. You won’t be disappointed   if not, and then pray that someday it comes out on CD.


          HOT TUNES  

        1.     a gozar cumbia

    2.     montuno pa caridad

    3.     la culpa la tiene el gallo

    4.     gozando la salve

    5.     egoismo

    6.     descarga

    7.     bomba pa’ loiza

    8.     que mas puedo pedir

    9.     casimiento no

    10.   tu indiferencia

    11.   con la misma moneda

    12.   te vi pasar




    Ok, here is a release that is not out on CD, (YET) however you can purchase the songs individually over the internet. Check out the original version of “Aprende a Quiere” with a very young Justo Bentacourt on vocals. When I first heard the Spanish Harlem Orquesta’s version of this song, I kept asking myself, why doesn’t Ray De La Paz sound like Ray De La Paz, that I was used to hearing with Ray Barretto’s and Louie Ramirez’s bands during the late 1970’s early 1980’s. I thought, was it because he was older and his voice was changing even more, nope, that wasn’t it. Throughout the entire two releases by the Spanish Harlem Orquesta, he was emulating the great Justo Betancourt, who recorded early in his career with Orlando Marin. I like the original version, plus all the other tracks on the release as well.  Besides, “Aprede a Quierer,” my other favorite tunes are “Guaguanco Moderno,” and “Mi Jebita” which have real tough mambo swings that will put anybody on the dance floor. Go to the internet, buy the songs, and you will have compiled yourself a nice CD and see what I mean.         


       HOT TUNES

    1.    aprende a quierer

    2.    papo boco

    3.    un sueno

    4.    se mueren

    5.    mi jebita

    6.     vida

    7.    la banda llego

    8.    guaguanco moderno


            JAVIER VASQUEZ  “JUEGA JAVIER”   1972 


    Like so many other non- Fania associated musicians Javier Vasquez was a master, arranger, composer, and artist to say the least. This release is like an assassin, trained to get the “kill” at all cost, and without a doubt this release is truly a killer. Smoking hot tunes that leave very little imagination of what not to expect as far as superior arrangements go. And to the hard-core salsa or mambo lovers out there, you‘ll never be disappointed with album. I know there is a compilation CD of some of Javier Vasquez’s music with various artists, but in my opinion, compilations cheat, because they never give you a taste of the artist’s really great music that wasn’t recorded onto CD.    




            HOT TUNES: 




    2.    YO NO SE

    3.    ESA MULATA

    4.    SOY SONERO

    5.    SOY FELIZ

    6.    MI MONTUNO

    7.    QUE TE VAYA BIEN

    8.    LA MAS FEA








     Ismael Miranda has always been one of my favorite singers since his beginnings with Orquesta Harlow back in the 1960’s. His voice is captive of any audience, any generation any where. His choice in song selections is superb and this latest release proves it.

         HOT TUNES: 

    • Déjenme Si Estoy Llorando
      Todavia Duele
      Si Las Flores Pudieran Hablar
      Yo También Soy Sentimental
      Tú Me Abandonaste
      A Pesar De Todo
      ¿Quién Eres Tú?
      Mi Manera De Amar
      Happy Birthday, My Darling
      Y Mi Vida Ahora Es Otra





    APRIL 2007  





    Killer, killer sounds from the early 1980’s that still would stand tall with anything out there today. Featuring Piro Romero on vocals (he’s Tito Allen’s brother) and a slew of local Philly musicians that were lead by trombonists Ernie Sanz (brother of salsa legend Hommy Sanz,) this band was smoking. Here’s a side bar note: Musicians were from Philly, the arrangements and production was done by the master, one Isidro Infante, and the recording was in New York City, so why did the band leader say that the band was from Puerto Rico, hmmm, a mystery that remains unsolved even until today.  Still, this is a historic if not rare piece of Philly salsa history on wax.  



    7. ERES MIA









     Bad to the bone Venezuelan salsa that reminds me of that killer salsa that came from Venezuela during their golden era 1960 through 1985, so that is truly a compliment to this band  Agua De Luna. This CD is no joke, so take it seriously, because there are some fierce sounds coming from this band! 

     HOT TUNES: 


    • VEN

    • VUELE





    • BUMBAC


       Dimas Pedroza Y Su Orquesta Alegria Palacio Records 2007

     One more time with some killer sounds from Venezuela that leaves no room to breath, talk about salsa dura and salsa de la calle, well here you go, the real deal!

           HOT TUNES: 

    • Babarana Coco

    • Los Velorios

    • Embriagame

    • A Primera Vista

    • La Vieja Ramona

    • Del Mismo Barrio

    • Cielito Lindo

    • Las Flores



      MAY 2007






     This, the band’s third release, kicks up some nice tunes that are set for the dance floor. It is interesting as this band always finds a way to pay tribute to Gil Lopez and or Orlando Marin, two great New York musicians and band leaders that help substain the salsa sound before Fania was even a force to be reckoned with. Check out the tune “Llego La Orquesta” which is a revamped version of “La Banda Llego” from Orlando Marin’s LP entitled “ Estas En Algo.”  No coincidence that Ray De La Paz sings with this bands as he sounds so much like the young Justo Betancourt who was lead vocals with Orlando Marin’s band. It is kind of kool that the Spanish Harlem Orchestra reminds us of a time just shy of the Fania era and right after the shut down of the importing of the great bands from Cuba. So basically, SHO (Spanish Harlem Orchestra) takes us back to the early 1960’s New York City, when the New York salsa bands were more aggressive and creative and less commercialized as they became during the Fania era of salsa.   Take a trip down memory lane while enjoying a taste of what a today’s New York Salsa Band should sound like: HOT!    


          HOT TUNES:

    • SHO Intro  3:53
      Llego La Orquesta  6:02
      En El Tiempo Del Palladium  5:43
      Se Formó La Rumba  5:33
      Sacala Bailar  6:11
      Ahora Si  5:26
      Que Bonito  5:23
      Salsa Pa'l Bailador  4:36
      Mujer Divina  5:30
      Soy Candela 5:17
      Plena Con Sabor  4:36
      Danzon For My Father  6:06
      Late In The Evening / Tarde En La Noche  4:12



                 Grupo Caribe "Somos Caribeños" 2007

     Killer release from the sunshine state that swings some heavy duty “sabor” This, their second released which follows the first one with just enough ammo to keep the dance floor packed without a doubt. Check this one for your self to hear what I mean. Superb arrangements leave you wanting more, and each songs does just that. Want more, select “repeat all” on your CD player!   Oh yeah, check out Tito Allen, Herman Olivera & Luisito Ayala on vocals. Enough said, so now, go buy it! 

          HOT TUNES:

    • Salundando 4:32
      El Rey 4:34
      Homenaje A Los Bailadores 4:26
      Somos Carbeños 5:57
      Bobby Capo 5:11
      Tambo La Rumba 4:19
      Negro De Sociedad 5:46
      Bongo 4:20
      A La Buena De Dios 6:06
      La Comparsa De Los Rumberos 5:06





     One of those little known bands from Puerto Rico from Borinquen Record label that kicked up a storm in the salsa world. Killer tunes on this LP. Shame some of these rare releases don’t come out on CD. Here’s a thought: instead of revamping and digging up all that Fania music which already came out 15 years ago on CD, why doesn’t some rich record company like Virgin Records find the masters to recordings on labels like Borinquen,Fonseca, Top Hits and Performance and re-release those treasured gems on CD. Then people will be educated to the fact, that there was more than just Fania labeled Recordings out there during the late 1960’s and into the early 1980’s. If this even comes out on CD, scoop it up “para quick!”  

           HOT TUNES:

              ARBOL LAIDO

             CABIO ALE MI YE YEO


        NINA MALA



        APEATE Y OYE






      JUNE 2007









     Sweet sounds, from a man who kept the beat going, from one decade to another. This is a late 1950’s live recording similar to Eddie Cano’s Live at PJ’s, but this release features more danceable tunes. The Cha Cha chas are as smooth and as cool as a piragua de coco (coconut flavored water ice) on a hot summer night. The mambos are just the thing to glide you across the dance floor ala the style heard during the 1950s at the world famous New York Palladium Ballroom.  Check out what used to be the sound of the times, and yet still can be appreciated today.

          HOT TUNE:

    1. 1.Cha Cha Cha at the Sahara

    2. 2.Merengara

    3. 3.The Waiters Cha Cha Cha

    4. 4.Tango of Romance

    5. 5.Go Away Mambo

    6. 6.The Matrimonial Cha Cha Cha

    7. 7.Mambo in Coruna

    8. 8.Merci Beaucoup

    9. 9.Mrs. Plito

    10. 10.Time on My Hands




     Record collectors hunt for the very best of the very best out there ( well, the good record collectors anyway-because there is always one guy who wants to have everything, and then it turns out that 60% of the stuff he has collected is junk…sheeesh what a waste…of time and money…lol)  Anyway, here is a release that was a gem on LP and now is available on CD. Probable the best recording of Javier Vasquez’s musical career as a band leader and arranger (The second best is “Javier Vasquez y Su Sonido 82  Interpreta Exitos De La Sonora” – in my opinion, although not available on CD to this date)

    “The Truth/La Verdad” is kicking mad dog crazy with hard de la calle salsa and mambos! The arrangements are awesome and can leave your CD player breathless! And was this CD made for the dance floor? Well, just go through the first seven tracks within one night and see the results for yourself. Can you say demasaido caliente (really hot?) Get this release and the CD will say it for you!  


         HOT TUNES:  

    1. 1. Se Formo La Rumbantela 

    2. 2. Don Anastasio 

    3. 3. Que Sera 

    4. 4. La China De Mi Barrio 

    5. 5. Sabroso Como El Guarapo 

    6. 6. Crocante Habanero 

    7. 7. Mueve Que Mueve 

    8. 8. Lo Que Estoy Viviendo 

    9. 9. La Verdad 

    10. 10. Siguelo 




             Wilson "Chembo" Corniel  “For The Rest of Your Life”
          Chemboró Records 2007

     New York Latin Jazz sounds from master percussionist Wilson “Chembo”Corniel who has paid his dues working with the round table of salsa bands for the last 20 years and now in his second solo release puts out a storm of some heavy hitting Latin Jazz that goes right to the core and roots of our music.

          HOT TUNES:

    1. Chaworó En La Calle
      Nuyorican Groove
      What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?

    2. Freedom Drive
      Puerto Padre
      Suena Negrito
      Moon Temple / Ochun


             Foto Rodriguez Y Su Orquesta La Unica “En Honor A Pupi Legarreta - Celebrando El 27 Aniversario”

           Only Foto Rodríguez could celebrate a 23rd Anniversary and then follow that up with a 27th Anniversary celebration release. Obviously the numbers zero and five are not in his numberical logical thinking as most folks would celebrate a “25th”and “30” anniversary, while Foto chooses a “23rd” and “27th” as years to celebrate his musical career. Philadelphia local band that keeps strong ties to both Puerto Rico and Cuba, Foto is from Puerto Rico and Orlando Fiol, pianist and vocalistl(son of the legendary great Cuban born  sonero Henry Fiol who sang with William Milan's conjunto Saoco) is of strong Cuban heritage). Their band masters the charanga rhythm to its’ purest form. This release is a tribute to Fania All Star legend Pupi Lagaretta, violinists and pianist virtuoso, whose career spans way beyond the 27 year celebration tribute. In fact, look into your salsa history book and you’ll see Pupi’s name on recordings from way back in early 1950’s. So a 27 year tribute doesn’t come close to what this living legend truly deserves.  Still, it is worth having in your collection.             


    HOT                    TUNES:

    1. `              El Cuarto De Trula

    2.                     Corazon De Hielo

    3.                     Mi Niña Bonita

    4.                     Saca La Cebolla

    5.                     Historia De Un Amor

    6.                     Blue Moon

    7.                     The Godfather

    8.                     Moliendo Cafe

    9.                     The Shadow Of Your Smile

    10.                     Those Were The Days

    11.                     Cuando, Cuando

    12.                     El Platanar De Bartolo    


            July 2007



        In staying on course, this cool group from the Big Apple delivers as they had in their two previous releases a taste of sizzling mambos, slick cha cha s, a nice guajira and even some bilingual salsa. All in all it is a pretty nice release that will certainly keep your CD player happy and for any social/ club DJ, the dance floor filled. Nice release that comes fully loaded to please everyone who listens.  

       HOT TUNES:

      Lady Mambo
      Ramona, La Bailadora
      Tommy's Guajira
      Me Voy Pa' La Rumba
      Por Tu Amor
      Tu No Vas
      Esto Es Amor
      Echa Pa' Ca


        Papo Vasquez “From The Badlands” 2007  

      I will always give my respect and “props” to one of Philly’s true Latiin music icons and one of the boys straight up from “El Barrio” of North Philadelphia and a product of Edison High School and Mr.  Kip Morris’s music class (just like salsa singer/trombone player Edgar Joel). This release is a tribute to his upbringing with a reflection on his Puerto Rican roots . Banging bombas and plenas and few nice salsa tunes as well make this a well respected and cherished release. So from the heart of North Philly, 5th St & Lehigh Ave to be exact, straight out to the world is the sounds of this latest release.     

      HOT TUNES:

      The Mighty MF's
      Enemy Within
      Lina's Waltz
      El Macanaso
      Donde Esta Juan
      Los Mediocres
      Si Señor Bob
      Bomba en Monte






     Killer mambo band from the 1960’s and the west coast that matched up well with all those east coast mambo bands at the time. Smoking tunes include the hot cha cha “Eres Mia” and the hot mambo “Malanga Maria.”  And still, there so much more. So if you are in the mood for some crazy make you want to dance right now mambos or some let your feet slide across the floor cha cha chas then this is the release for you, and the cool thing is that it is now available on CD.


     1. A San Francisco 

    2. A Bailar Senores 

    3. Gunga Din 

    4. En La Magia De Un Sueno 

    5. The Shadow Of Your Smile 

    6. Sans Souci 

    7. Eres Mia 

    8. Malanga, Maria? 

    9. Inocencia 

    10. Larala - Lalala




    Red super hot release that was supposed to come out on CD last year, but as of this date has not. Candido was a master timbalero out of New York City who lead a very up tempo progressive band that could go toe to toe with all the big boys at that time. This band was smoking and this LP was the total proof. Wow!!!! When this ever comes out on CD snatch it up quick!



    1.  Soy Mezclao

      Oma Oma Tinde


      Coco Seco

      Nico Candenon

      Infierno De Los Cueros

      Borinquen Me Llama

      Que Tu No Puedes Vivir Sin Mi


      Whose Gonna Take The Weight


     AUGUST O7







     Cool release that was recorded in 1972 featuring Nacho Sanabria & his four sons  on this smoking LP. Nacho, formally, with Roberto Roena, El Gran Combo and where every band in Puerto Rico started from : Rafael Cortijo y Su  Combo, kicks it into high gear with this classic and vintage album. All eight tunes are awesome to me. This is an LP that should be released onto CD for everyone to enjoy and treasure. There are compilations out there that have one or two of these songs, but this entire album is a killer,so it should be released on CD as a whole. Enough said !  


         HOT TUNES: 





     Here’s a hot smoking LP for you all the way from Houston Texas. If you think that Texas chili is hot, you need to check out this recording. One killer tune after another makes up the total package of this smoking LP and is a collector’s must have release. This is one of those recordings that should come out on CD for all to enjoy.    

         HOT TUNES: 

    2. UN DIA A LA VEZ
    3. REGRESO







     Ok, finally a release with arrangements that were made to show the full potential of Michael Stuart’s superb vocal skills and not to mention that he is a straight up “salsero de la calle.” (Think of Gilberto Sta. Rosa during his tenure with the Willie Rosario Orquestra or early Jose Alberto “El Canario” during his Tipica 73 days and you’ll hear what I mean.) Which only means that he deserves to record songs that illustrate the intensity of how well he sings. All I can say is, finally there a release that shows the mega salsero that Michael Stuart truly is. “La Vecina,” a remake of an early 1990’s Orquesta La Selecta composition, is one of the toughest out there and definitely made to fill the dance floor.

         HOT TUNES: 

    1. Lola
      La Vecina
      Me Siento Vivo
      Si Te Vuelvo A Encontrar
      Un Amor Tan Grande - Feat. La India
      Pido Perdón
      Del Barrio A La Ciudad
      Dos Con Swing - Feat. José Alberto "El Canario"
      Sólo Pena
      Súbeme La Musica
      Cuando El Amor Se Muere
      Porque Con El
      Pido Perdón (Version Balada)


               Cheo Navarro Y Su Orquesta “Tributo Al Ayer / Tribute To Yesterday” 2007

    Venezuelan salsa is back on the radar up here in the USA as a slew of releases have hit our shores with some super killer recording. Unlike during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s when Velvet and TH records controlled what salsa releases were being imported to the USA and what releases were being blocked (like those early recordings on Fuentes, Discos Coronas and other small labels from Venezuela, Peru and even Colombia) from reaching the North American shores, these latest releases are coming in like tidal waves. This release by Cheo Navarro is one of those title waves which will leave no survivors on the dance floor or in any room that is blasting out these fiery tunes from your CD player. So go to your local record store, and get a taste of hot salsa from the southern hemisphere that will surely melt any polar cap in sight.


    1. Guarara

    2. Que Pena Me Da

    3. Casamiento No

    4. Rómpelo

    5. Fuga Pa'l Monte

    6. Baila Rumbero

    7. Viento En Popa

    8. El Titere

    9. Coge Pa' La Cola

    10. El Yoyo

    11. Por La Maceta




      SEPTEMBER 2007






     Ok, I’m truly not a fan of all these bands dusting off the classic arrangements from the 1960’s/1970’s and 80’s and trying to make them their own. Jeez, how long will this continue because it is becoming pathetic, however once in a while, you catch a band that can and does pull it off. Case in point is this latest release from Chico Alverez y Nosotros, which does a few cover tunes, and although they are quite long, they are quite well rearranged and smoking hot. Perfect example is the very first track, “Si Los Rumberos Me Llaman” which takes no prisoners. In this new age of so called “Salsa Dura” here is a release that actually can   get away with the rehashing



    1. Si Los Rumberos Me Llaman 

    2. Que Me Hace Daño 

    3. Taino Borinquen Rincon Querido 

    4. Agua Pa Ti 

    5. La Clave, Maraca Y Guiro 

    6. Oigan Mi Rumba 

    7. Ñaña Acere 

    8. Entre Risas, Copas Y Discos 

    9. Piñeiro 

    10. Esa Brujeria 

    11. Rumba En El Solar 





      Baby Gonzalez Con La Orquesta Rivera “Cocinando Salsa”    

    Kicking sounds from the 1970’s now available on CD. If you don’t know who Baby Gonzalez is, well he is one tough sonero who sounds a lot like Bobby Cruz, with that deep strong voice which can command your attention the moment you hear it. And Orquesta Rivera is one of those killer bands from the 1970’s that only record collectors know about but they were as fierce as any other top notch band from Puerto Rico or New York City. If any of their other LPs (like “Policia” …whew!!!!) ever get released onto CD …watch out!

    Pick this up….while it is available on CD because if you love the real “salsa dura” from the 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s like I do….then here you go!


     HOT SALSA  

    1. Amalia S Bembe 

    2. Llanto De Luna 

    3. Tu 

    4. Con La Verde Si 

    5. Vivo La Vida Borracho 

    6. El Muerto Se Fue De Rumba 

    7. Lamento En La Playa 

    8. Asi Es La Humanidad 

    9. Mata Ciguaraya 

    10. Oye Mi Guaguanco 


     October 2007






     Big time release from Gloria Estefan where everybody who is anybody has their hands in this project and it is definitely is worth its’ weight in gold. Can you say, Papo Luca, Cachao, Chocolate, Orestes Villato, Sal Cuevas, Giovanni Hidalgo, Edwin Bonilla and Carlos Santana and still have time to take a breath and mention Andy Garcia, Candido, Jose Feliciano, Orestes Vilato, Candido, India, Juanito Marquez, Sheila E., Generoso Jimenez, Juanito Marquez, Arturo Sandoval, Luis Enrique, and Pedro Alfonso? Whew, that says it all. And yep, I’m not a real big fan of the whole Gloria Estefan atmosphere that kind of has had the Latin music scene all beside itself for over the last decade. Well, let’s skip the politic of this situation and go back to this latest project. Her voice has always been as sweet as honey, but she takes it to another level with a moving charanga, and some heavy guaguancos that are really dip in a strong Cuban sabor. There is definitely no New York or Puerto Rican influence on this production. A trip back to the late 1940’s or early 1950’s is what this release sounds like, but don’t get me wrong, because it will make you move without a doubt.     


    Me Odio
    No Llores
    Lo Nuestro
    Pintame De Colores
    Yo No Cambiaria
    A Bailar
    Esta Fiesta No
    Va' Acabar
    Esperando (
    Cuando Cuba Sea Libre)
    90 Millas




    Hot first release from multitalented salsa/Latin Jazz legend Louie Ramirez,who proves he was already a force to be reckoned with way before signing up with the almighty Fania Records Empire of the late 1960’s thru the late 1980’s. In fact, in my opinion, and for my taste  in killer salsa & mambo, “Introducing Louie Ramirez” along with “In the heart of Spanish Harlem” on Mercury Records” are probable his top two best recording ever, followed by  “Salsero” 1980, “Vibes Galore” Alegre Records 1964 and “Tipico” 1973 on Westside Latino. This is on CD, unfortunately not in the USA. I saw a copy of the CD sell on Ebay for $30.00 and another sell for $12.95. I saw the original LP sell for $250.00. If you can get your hands on a CD copy great and if you have it like that and can bid $250.00 or more for the LP then go for it. It is worth what ever you pay for it because it is a super hot release.

     Hot Tunes:

      Good  Grass

      Que Pachanga  

      Que Te Hace Pensar  

      Cumaye Bembe

      Lo Tienes Que Ver Pa  Creer

      Botando Candela

      Olvidate De Mi

      Sangre Gorda


      El Calvo

      Perfume De Gardenia

      El Guaguanco


      November 2007






    Ray Viera “Trombao” Released 2007

    Philly salsero who paid his dues in a big way as a second lead vocalist or just doing coro (chorus) for many a local Philly salsa band stemming all the way back to the mid 1980’s when he would do “coro” for local Philly bands like Salseate, La Opinion, La Orquesta Del Barrio, The Latin Swing Band, Lucena and Edgar Joel y Su Orquesta. During the 1990,Ray Viera took his young talent up to the Big Apple and did coro for Ray Barretto, Eddie Palmieri and Johnny Pacheco respected bands. Pacheco gave Ray the chance to shine as co-lead vocalist along side Hector Cassanova. Ray paid his dues, released his first solo production back in 2002 (“AQUI ESTA” AP PRODUCTIONS) and here he is once more with a release that is a full force whirlwind. Trombone influenced to say the least which goes back to his days with Edgar Joel, and during his time as part of the Eddie Palmieri Orquesta, which has been trombone based since they first started back in 1966.  This is a nasty release that was made to make the salsa dancer jump off his feet and the listener crank up the volume of his stereo system, so beware because this release is smoking hot and contagious!!!!    

    HOT TUNES:       

    Son, Guaracha, Y Guaguanco
    Tratame Como Soy
    Por Bella Que Eras Blues
    Un Mundo Cruel
    Valluna Mando Caleña
    Un Niño Jibaro El La Ciudad
    El Hombre Mas Feliz
    Oracion Al Padre Celestial
    Cancion Pa' Abuelito
    Mi Montuno Monte Adentro





    1975 (LP recording)

     From Miami Florida comes this swinging band from the 1970’s which recorded 9 LPs altogether and each recording was just as strong as the previous release. Just a touch of charanga influence but very heavy laced with son montunos and guaguancos that will definitely make you want to move to the dance floor or raise the volume on your car stereo. There was a CD released of some of their recordings back during the late 1990 but it is no longer available. I hope that this comes out on CD along with their other recordings because this is one tough LP without a doubt.



     La Gorda

    Soy Tan Feliz

    Dejala Correar

    Don Jose El Cabezon


    Te Doy El Caramelo

    El Tiempo Pasar

    Yo Te Recuerdo

    Yo No Quiero Ni Gorda Ni Flaca

    A La Pobre Antonia



    WINTER / spring break

    NO CD/LP REVIEW till july 2008 



         JULY 2008 




    Philly band that kicks it with many a cover song, but all redone with a forceful measure of "puro sabor." This band has been around, believe it or not, for over 20 years.  The is a great array of strong local talent in the vocals department  and backed up by some excellent arrangements done by pianist David Colon. Check out former lead vocalist for the Edgar Joel Orquesta (before Edgar took over lead vocals himself) Anthony Colon on "La Hija De Lola- fierce to say the least!  Orquesta  Lucena does Philly Salsa proud in this latest release! 

     Song titles include:
    Paraiso De Dulsura 4:44
    La Negra Tomasa 4:09
    El Raton 4:06
    La Hija De Lola 4:26
    Mi Gente 3:42
    My Man Speedy 3:49
    Puerto Rico 4:28
    Anacaona 4:34
    Cocinado 4:19
    Musicians include:
    ector Lucena Bajo
    David Colon Piano, lead vocals, coros, musical director
    Edwin "Papo Buda" Claudio Congas
    Sammy Arroyo Timbales
    Elijio (El Compi) Concepcion Tenor sax solos
    Mike Colon Baby bass
    Junito Crespo El cuatro puertorriqueno
    Pichie Perez Maracas y guiro
    Brent White Trombone
    Jeff Von Stenz Trumpet
    Danny Rodriguez Bongo
    Humbero Alicea Trombone solos
    Dr. Wilfredo Manzano Trombone
    Ralph DeSylvestro Trumpet solos
    Freddy Marrero Lead vocal en "Anacaona"
    Joselito Rivera Lead vocal en "La Negra Tomasa"
    Anthony Colon Lead vocal en "La Hija de Lola" y Duet - Puerto Rico
    "Crisis" Rap vocal en "My Man Speedy"
    Freddie "Sino" Candelaria Spanish rap vocal en "El Raton" 



    AUGUST 2008


    A little bit of New York Latin soul & salsa mixed into this 1960s release which is lead by Luis Aviles. Originally in LP format on Speed Records, this is a treasured classic by many record collectors. LP recently sold on Ebay for $460.00. Now the CD will only cost you about $17.00, so say an Amen for CDs, because the LP is very hard to find.


    Take A Trip 4:54
    Pussycat 3:24
    (I'll Be A) Happy Man 3:35
    Lay An Oz On Me Baby 3:30
    Hasta Cuando 3:37
    Oye Mi Guaguanco 3:52
    Rumba Con Guaguanco 4:00
    Pura Falsedad 3:57
    The Cow 8:22


    SEPTEMBER 2008




    "Fiesta Percusiva" 2008

     High percussive, mostly Afro-Caribbean, fueled up release that is smoking hot!       This salsa-jazz-folkloric project features a ton of percussionists. In addition to Victor Rendón there's Anibal "Tito" Rivera, Louis Bauzo, Tom Mattioli, Henry Brun, Guillermo "Memo" Acevedo, Ruben Rosa, Diego Lopez, Ramon Diaz and many others. Pick this up and enjoy!

    1. Mozambique  2. Bomba En Nueva York 3. Afro Blue  4. Juego De Quijadas  5. Fiesta Percusiva  6. Soy Chicano  7. Funky Cumbia  8. Batá: Orú Seco Para Elegua, Ogún, Ochosi  9. La Llorona  10. In The Pocket  11. Por La Mañana  12. Palmadas Para Aztlán



    OCTOBER 2008


     Willy Torres  " LO QUE TRAIGO YO"


    hot salsa from the big apple that covers some classic tunes pretty well and then some. in this era where original compositions are like the ghost of christmas  past,sometimes you just have to settle with what is being produced. however, even  among the rehash of numerous clASSIC SALSA SONGS, THERE COMES AN ARRANGEMENT,OR REARRANGEMENT THAT CATCHES YOU EAR,AND WELL,HERE YOU GO.

    Las Seis
    Rompe Saragüey
    Baila Con Sabor
    Fajardeño Pa' Mi Tierra
    Lo Que Traigo Yo
    Si Te Preguntan
    La Muerte
    El Ultimo Dia De April
    The Fireman



    November - December 2008


    Gotham Music Released 2008

    The second release by percussionist Michael Tate's 3D orchestra. Tate sets out to define himself differently from commercial  salsa . The singers are:  Herman Olivera, Willie Torres, Jerry Lopez, and Chris Hierro, plus Ray Viera on coro. Pianists: Ricky Gonzalez and Lenny Underwood, Bassists: Ruben Rodriguez and Leo Traversa, Percussionists: José "Chembo" Corniel, Chino Nuñez, Ozzie Melendez, Raul Agraz and Ray Vega. This is salsa like it should be played up in New York City. A 21 gun salute to Michael Tate and 3D for keeping the flame burning bright up in the Big Apple.


    Mi Amor Eterno 5:18
    Son Montuno Pa' Dos (Spanish) 4:09
    Vete 5:13
    Las Cosas Cambiaran 4:22
    Vente Conmigo (Jerry Lopez) 5:06
    Oyelo 4:20
    Cuando Te Veo 4:16
    Que Siga La Rumba 4:04
    No Lo Busques Mas 4:32
    En La Calle 52 4:44
    Baila Para Mi 4:29
    Son Montuno Para Dos (English) 4:34
    Vente Conmigo (Herman Olivera) 5:12

    El Gran Combo  El Swing Del Gran Combo”
    Released 1965/Re-Issued 2008

    A MUST HAVE for all – every song is essential, a history lesson that never gets old – you can dance to it today just as easily as your abuelita did back in the day, KILLER SOUNDS ALL THE WAY AROUND! Check out the all star line up that was part of  El Gran Combo's history. If Rafael Cortijo is the father of modern day salsa, then El Gran Combo is the field where the seeds of all future salsa super bands were first planted.


    El Swing 3:22
    La Calle Dolor 2:37
    Apreciemos La Ocasion 2:59
    El Chancletero 3:05
    Se Acabo 3:07
    La Jarana 2:55
    Mi Pana Y Que 2:53
    Te Enteraste 2:43
    Como Quieres Que Te Lloren 2:27
    El Carrito 2:38
    Oyeme Nena 2:43

    Musicians include:
    Rafael Ithier Director & piano
    Pellin Rodriguez Cantante & coro
    Andy Montañez Cantante & coro
    Roberto Roena Bongó & campana
    Eddie Pérez "La Bala" Saxo & coro
    Hector Santos Saxo
    Elias Lopez Trompeta
    Victor Perez Trompeta
    Milton Correa Timbal
    Martin Quiñones Conga
    Miguel Cruz Bajo



         CD REVIEW

        Jan-Feb- March 2009

       ¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical, Vol. 2

      Vampi Soul  2007

    Super high caliber killing, 1960s Peruvian material from MAG record label. Rare stuff here, non-collector's dream come true because the original lps go for like $300-$500 easy!

    Hot Tunes:

    Humo - La Sonora De Lucho Macedo
    El Diri Bop - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orq.
    Las Guitaras Tropicales - Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros
    Boogaloo Sabroso - Charlie Palomares Y Su Yuboney
    Descarga En Menor - El Combo De Pepe
    El Conductor - Carlos Muñoz Y Su Orq.
    Arroz Con Coco - Pedro Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos
    Boogaloo Del Perro - Enrique Delgado Y Los Destellos
    La Negra Está Gozando - Mario Allison Y Su Combo
    Guajira Boogaloo - Coco Lagos Y Sus Orates
    Dejen Bailar Al Loco - Melcochita Con Betico Salas Y Su Sonora
    La Contamanina - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta
    No Hay Dos - Pedro Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos
    Descargando - Mario Allison Y Su Combo
    Compay Quinto - Mulata Rumbera
    Tutú Tatá - Alfredo Linares Y Su Sonora
    Pepito - Vicky Zamora Con La Sonora De Ñico Estrada
    Aquí - Tito Chicoma Y Su Orquesta
    Coco's Descarga - Coco Lagos Y Sus Orates
    Comentario En El Solar - Pedro Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos
    Chiquita Bonita - Luis Duran Y Su Saxo
    El Muñecón - Ñico Estrada Y Su Sonora (Canta Chivirco Davila)
    Jumping With Symphony Sid - Nilo Espinosa Y Su Orq.
    Tormento Fiero - Compay Quinto
    Felipón - Vocy Zamora Con La Orq. De Tito Chicoma

    Conjunto Clasico  "30 Años 30 Exitos”

    Super hot material by the New York band that was salsa-fying the club dance floors during the late 1980's through the early 1990's and features all of their top-tier singers: Tito Nieves, Johnny Rivera, Rafael De Jesus, Tito Allen, Tempo Alomar, Daniel Santos, Jose Bello, and Raulin Rosendo.

    Hot Tunes:

    Señora Ley - Tito Nieves
    Describo Mi Conjunto - Rafael De Jesus
    Ay Que Bueno - Tito Nieves
    Vamanos De Rumba - Johnny Rivera
    Maruquita - Tito Allen
    A Cali - Tito Nieves
    Lana - Johnny Rivera
    Piraguero - Tito Nieves
    Calle Buey - Tempo Alomar
    Solitario - Tito Nieves
    Somos Iguales - Tito Nieves
    Guerrera - Jose Bello
    Vigilandote - Johnny Rivera
    Sin Rumbo Alguno - Tito Nieves
    Capitan - Daniel Santos
    Felicitaciones - Tito Nieves
    Soy Olvido - Johnny Rivera
    El Lago De Matrullas - Raulin Rosendo
    Los Rodriguez - Tito Nieves
    Son Mentiras - Tito Nieves
    Lamento Borincano - Daniel Santos
    No Quiero Na - Johnny Rivera
    Te Sigo Queriendo - Rafael De Jesus
    Olga Y Margara - Tito Nieves
    Medellin - Johnny Rivera

    Scott Oakley Y Sus Incomparables

     Invisible Music 2008

    Killer  Latin jazz that has strong fire in its' moving tracks,one after  the other. I highly recommend  this release.

    Hot Tunes:

    Para Pupi
    Mi Peruchin Descarga #2
    Para Becky
    Al Estilo De César "Pupi" Pedroso
    Canción Para Mi Amor
    Mi Peruchín Descarga #1
    Eu Procurarei-o Por
    La Pregunta E Tres Dos
    Corremos, Después Saltamos
    Ojos De Opal
    Persiguiendo El Bajo
    Cha Cha Cha En Cinco
    Las Perlas Caen En El Plato De Jade






               April 2009



    As we mourn the lost of two great percussionist (Joe Cuba & Manny Oquendo) this year, along comes another master percussionist, another Latin music legend with an outstanding release. I am speaking of no other than the great Oreste Vilato, of Los Kimbos, Tipica 73 and Ray Barretto. Check out “Remembering Ray, ” an awesome tribute to the great conga player and Fania Legend Ray Barretto, where Oreste spent many years as part of Ray's great band. “Como El Macao, Candela” is one of my favorite tunes on this release. Invited artists on this recording are Johny “Dandy” Rodriguez and Justo Almario. This is an awesome release from a master timbalero and CD title speaks the truth because truly, “It's About Time” that something this powerful was recorded for all the world to enjoy.


    OLVIDO 5:30
    TOCA VILATÓ 5:06
    DESPEDIDA 3:37




        MAY-JUNE 2009


    Johnny Ray (Johnny Zamot)

    De La Rumba Soy Yo” 2009 JZ RECORDS

    New release from Johnny Ray/ Johnny Zamot (Sociedad 76 & Clasa con Clase fame with Ray Sepulveda on vocals.) I had the pleasure of interviewing Johnny Ray a couple of months ago on my radio show and what I and my listening audience received from the interview was that Johnny Ray is pretty pissed off at the Latin Music industry, from record companies like Fania to singers who left him to go out and try to strike it on their own. Funny how Fania no longer exist (the originally label,not the one that keeps getting bought out over and over and recycled over and over) and those singers who went out on their own are no where to be found. I saw Ray Sepulveda at a club in NJ, and Ray's last recording was back in 2004. Johnny Ray,however has been recording a new release just about every two years and he's been recording since late 1960's. I say let Johnny Ray stay pissed off at the industry, because while he is,he keeps putting out great release after great release(with the exception of that salsa /reggaton release a few years back.) I'll say that this is a hot new release and that if Johnny Ray/Johnny Zamot wants to stays pissed off at the Latin music industry,let him, if it is going to produce hot new recordings like this. Definitely worth the dollars you spend on it.


    El De La Rumba Soy Yo 4:08
    La Maquina 4:19
    En Un Beso La Vida 4:43
    Olvidame 5:18
    Reconciliacion 4:31
    El Malquerido 4:29
    Llagaste Tarde 4:24
    Esta Noche La Paso Contigo 4:13


    Jimmy Bosch

    A Million!” 2009

    New Release by NY Trombonist Jimmy Bosch. Unfortunately I wasn't really impressed with this release. Ever since his first two releases back in 1998 “ Soneando Trombon” and 1999 “Salsa Dura” ( which were both monster releases,)it seems to have been a struggle to recapture the power of those two earlier releases. “El Avion De La Salsa” even with the great Herman Olivera on vocals did not live up to those two earlier releases and sadly, this latest release doesn't quite measure up as well. If you want to go out and get it then get it and form your own opinion, but for me, I expected more and received instead, not as much.


    Bailalo Si Te Atreves
    Foreclosure (Ejecucion de Una Hipoteca) DJ MIX
    Mujeres Mandan
    Te Adoro Mami
    Cuantas Veces
    Alma Compartido
    Foreclosure (Ejecucion de Una Hipoteca) FULL VERSIO





    LA SALSA DE....”

    Kick butt recording of this great artist and his smoking band from Venezuela who in this LP rock some hard salsa & mambo from the beginning of side A to the end of Side B. I saw this LP go on Ebay for $650.00 and though I wouldn't shell out those big bucks,I'd say it was worth that much, if not, s whole lot more.

    Crazy Hot Tunes:

    1. El Que Manda Soy Yo

    2. El Muerto

    3. Que No Me Quiere Na'

    4. La Caseta

    5. Lo Que Yo Quiero

    6. La Loteria

    7. El Cachumbembe

    8. Que Soledad

    9. El Enterrador

    10. El Cupo

    11. Palomita De Maiz

    12. JULY - AUGUST 2009    




      "This is musical history recorded! Tito Puente,Willie Bobo, Patato Valdes, Mongo Santamaria and Cachao all together in a recorded jam session. All instrumental, all fiery, all wickedly hot is what ever tune is. Listen to “Tito and Mongo on Timbales” and feel the energy of two masters creating an intense inferno of musical madness beyond compare! Get this and watch your stereo system melt away.


      Four Beat Mambo
      Stick On Bongo
      Congo Beat
      Timbales Solo
      Tito On Timbales

      The Big Four
      Swinging Mambo
      Tito and Mongo On Timbales


      Philly’s adopted son who came from Puerto Rico over 5 decades ago celebrates his band’s 30th Anniversary only the way Foto can with a monstrous release which pays homage to both his charanga band and his full fledged salsa orchestra. Over the years one of the many constants in the Philly salsa scene has been the steady play of Foto Rodriguez and his constant support of salsa through his recording which have always paid tribute to his adopted salsa city- Philadelphia. This recording is not a tribute but a thank you to the many faithful supporters of his music and the intense style in which he has played it over the last three decades. Mr. Foto Rodriguez, we give you thanks for the uniqueness of your charanga band in the Philadelphia area for there has never been another, and we give thanks for your support of salsa over these many years by providing us with music that has moved us onto the dance floor without hesitation. This recording is like I said, not a celebration of 30 years of great music, it is more of a 30 year thank you note by Foto Rodriguez to his listening audience for supporting him! I recommend this release just as a way to say thank you to Orquesta La Unica, but even more if you want to hear some awesome music…nuff said!

      HOT TUNES:


      No Me Preguntes Más

      Quiero Perderme Contigo

      La Rosa De Francia



      El Panquelero

      Corazón De Hielo

      CD REVIEW - September 2009


      I have to argue a point and if anybody disagrees feel free to prove me wrong but Rafael Cortijo does not get all the credit he was due as the father of modern day salsa. Not only from his band/conjunto /orquesta were so many salsa bands & artists born from as far as becoming superstars themselves, but he redefined through his influence what salsa was to be up to the present day. I mean El Gran Combo, Roberto Roena, Isamael Rivera, Marvin Santiago, Kako and countless others got their start or were influenced by Rafael Cortijo. Rafael Cortijo should have been included in the Big Three Mambo Kings (Tito Puente/ Tito Rodriguez and Machito.) Meaning, there should have been a Big Four! And when Cortijo’s band came to NY and played at the Palladium, Bronx Casino’s or even Hunt Point’s Palace, the band went toe to toe with the so called big boys of NYC and blew them out of the water! I remember meeting Kako when I first started at WRTI and he told me that when Cortijo played in New York during the 1960’s the NY bands would step back and realize that his band was no joke and wasn’t taking any prisoners!

      This release is a prime example of all that I just wrote.

      Hot Tunes

      Coje Pa La Cola 2:47
      Chinito Boogaloo 4:01
      Sorongo (Ritmo Sorongo) 3:00
      Domino 3:22
      Boogaloo Pa Los Pollos 5:35
      Sacame De Aqui 3:05
      Mini Falda 2:58
      Que Te Lleven Las Olas 1:56
      Tiempo De Amor 2:18
      El Prestamista 2:48
      Que Se Pare La Bola 3:25

      Musicians include:
      Rafael Cortijo Director, timbales, minor percussion
      Eliezer Dávila Acoustic bass
      Javier "Papo" Clemente Congas
      Julio "Julito" Castro Bongo, cowbell
      Pedro Cabrera Trumpet
      Mario Cora Trumpet
      Pepe Rosario Vocals, coro
      Fe Cortijo Vocals, coro
      Tite Curet Alonso Vocals
      Jorge Millet Vocals
      Nando Doval Coro
      Nacho Sanabria

    13. CD REVIEW OCTOBER 2009


      Trumpet player Mario Ortiz Jr pays tribute to his father, the late bandleader and trumpeter Mario Ortiz in this super high octane release. This is a true tribute to the swinging sounds from mambo to salsa de la calle from Puerto Rico that Mario Ortiz Sr. arranged and wrote not only for his band but for many salsa bands over the last three decades of the 20th century. Include: Gilberto Santa Rosa, Cheo Feliciano, Tito Allen, Richie Ray, Bobby Cruz, Roberto Roena, Adalberto Santiago, Elías Lopés, Primi Cruz, Anthony Cruz, Ismael Miranda, Papo Lucca, Tony Vega, Bobby Valentín, Ismael Rivera Jr., Pedro Brull and Andy Montañez and that is what we call “un asopao de puro sabor!” This release will take you around the corner, across the street and down the block without missing a single hot beat! If you don’t pick this up, then you definitely don’t like salsa. So with that being said, whatare you waiting for?!

      HOT TUNES:

      A Quitaerse
      Yare Yare (BlemBlem / BlenBlen)
      Odiame / Hable Con Un Niño Medley
      Se Acabo El Bembe
      Mambo Infierno
      Guiro Y Pandereta
      El Soplo
      Que Bonito Es Puerto Rico
      Para Los Bravos
      El Cid




      Nephew of El Sonero Mayor, Ismael Rivera, has received the recognition that his cousin, Ismael Rivera Jr has not. This, his latest release, shows that talent is strong beyond the immediate family. Moncho indeed is quite talented and shows that he is a sonero for the next generation of salsa lovers but he also maintains a strong bridge to the talented family line that he comes from. I know, people who use the famous relative to get ahead are usually a bust, but this dude is more like busting out with a strong talent is definitely going to leave an imprint in the salsa music scene for a long time.

      HOT TUNES:

      Yo Tengo Lo Mio
      Moliendo Cafe
      El Que No Sufre No Vive
      Amor Salvaje
      No Es De Pena
      Bajon De Amor
      El Niche




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